El Paso County Deputy Andrew Peery Killed In Line Of Duty On Sunday, Suspect On The Run

El Paso County Deputy Andrew Peery Killed In Line Of Duty On Sunday, Suspect On The Run:- The El Paso County Sheriff’s deputy named Andrew Peery passed away on Sunday. This news has been shared by the El Paso County Sheriff’s office. According to the official posts describing the passing away of Andrew Peery in a shooting incident. This news has made the people of El Paso shocked as the officer was in the line of duty at the time of the shooting. It seems like the police had approached the shooting place with the view to catching any criminal. Therefore, the police had advised people of the shooting incident not to open their residences as well as to stay away from their doors and windows for a certain amount of time on Sunday, August 7, 2022.

El Paso County Deputy Andrew Peery Killed In Line Of Duty On Sunday Suspect On The Run

El Paso County Deputy Andrew Peery Killed In Line Of Duty On Sunday

Now, people are willing to know about the cause of this shooting incident. As per the sources, the shooting surged in the afternoon time and this resulted in giving injuries to Andrew Peery who died shortly after the incident. Now, the police are looking forward to finding out John Paz. The office of the El Paso County Sheriff shared the news of Deputy Andrew Peery’s murder in a shooting attack. It was around 08:07 PM on Sunday, 7th August 2022 when the police shared this news.

No sooner did the news of the passing away of Deputy Andrew Peery get the attention of people than they started sharing this news so as to give a tribute to the respected officer. Now, this news has surged a spate on the internet as people are sharing this news to such an extent that it has become viral news and a number of people are reacting to this news. For the time being, the police department is also asking people to inform them if they see the suspect anywhere. The police have shared that the name of the suspect is John Paz who killed the officer Deputy Andrew Peery. This news was shared by the office of the El Paso County Sheriff via their official handle on Twitter on the internet.

It is expressed by the police department that the suspect of the murder of the El Paso County Sheriff’s officer was a Hispanic male. The family and friends of Andrew Peery are dejected after Andrew Peery’s passing away. May God give the soul of Andrew Peery a place in Paradise to rest in peace. More details related to the news regarding Andrew Peery’s passing away will be on the internet as soon as possible.

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