4 Tips to Design Baseball Custom Trading Pins

Baseball is about community, teamwork, and camaraderie. In the United States, there are about 2 million little league players. For these kids, it has become a way of learning lessons and skills they can keep for a lifetime. Hence, a good way of commemorating those lessons learned is through baseballtrading pins.
baseball ground

For years, numerous baseball teams are using pins as an effective means of motivating their players, stimulating their fan base, and rewarding specific attainments. One reason why pins have such a long history is its unique ability to create a strong connection between teams, players, and events.

If you are a baseball fan and enjoy watching this game, then a simple pin would be ideal to speak about your interests. In case, if you are a player or part of the team, then you might want pins to boast your membership in an exclusive group. Or else, if you are a trainer, you can reward all team members by giving a pin and then provide them with a sense of pride for the community they have created.

These and many other reasons explain why giving out baseball pins is essential. It is because these pins are always unique and unforgettable. It is where a right eye for creating good designs always comes to play.

How to Design Custom Baseball Trading Pins?

So, what does your baseball pin specifically tell about you? Is it stylish and striking? Does it sparkle with glitters? Or does it have moving parts? Or maybe it’s just simple yet elegant? No matter how it looks like, what’s important is that it represents your team as a whole.

Whether it’s colorful or gritty, funky or edgy, or perhaps something in between, by following these tips you can be sure that your baseball pin is ready for trading.

Therefore, when it comes to the actual process of creating your pin, there are a lot of options which can be a little overwhelming to tackle all at once. To make the process more efficient, here are a few things to consider before you start creating your design.

Pin Type

Do you prefer a “die-struck “or an “offset” pin? A die-struck pin is a better choice if you want something simple and basic while for complicated designs and artwork, the offset pin would be the best choice.

Team Name

Is there a font you’d prefer to use? How do you want your team’s name to look on the pin? Be very specific when it comes to these critical details.


In general, Mascots are a great means to build recognition of your team. You can easily incorporate it into various designs, and this enables your pin to easily match jerseys, caps, jackets, or any other marketing materials.

Your State

Depending on what you prefer, your state can play either a small or a significant role in your pin. Will your pin be representing your country? How? Will it be in the background, a Homeplate, or perhaps a dangle? Thus, when it comes to how your state will appear, you will need detailed specifications, as always.

Team Colors

Your team’s colors set the tone for the pin’s design. Be sure to be as definitive and specific as possible. Utilizing the Pantone Matching System (PMS) scheme will help a lot in determining the right color. If you intend to omit shades such as black or gray on your pin, then be sure to make a note of that.

Roster or no Roster?

Rosters greatly help in personalizing as well as giving your pin a unique quality. If you don’t want the full name and prefer only the player’s numbers, there are plenty of ways to incorporate a roster to your pin.

Tips to Design Your Baseball Pins


1. Brainstorm Ideas

Every great creation always starts with an idea. To be able to decide great custom trading baseball pins, you need to think together and develop a concept. You may begin the process by asking yourselves some questions.

Will these be for the kids or the bigger ones? Will these be mostly for players? Do we want these as collectibles? Getting a good picture of the result makes it easier for you to decide on how you’d like your pins to look.

2. Look at Other Trading Pins for Inspiration

Just like when you’re designing a logo, developing baseball pins is easy to say but difficult to do. There are so many possibilities that it becomes difficult to narrow them all down. When this happens, an excellent way to start is to look at some of the trading pins you’ve collected, or the ones which your team has used before. Here you can browse the collection of different sports pins.

Besides that, you can also take a look at pins of other teams and pick a few favorites. Then you can decide on the qualities that make them look cool.

You’ll also want to consider how someone will feel when they receive the pins. Will they be excited and grateful that they received a trading pin from you? Start putting your ideas in writing. As a result, it will come handy when you experience a “designer block’. Don’t worry; it happens even to the most creative minds.

3. Add Elements to Your Custom Pin’s Design

Luckily, baseball has a lot of images and symbols that you can incorporate to your pin. Here is a list of what you may consider adding to your design.


Apparently, a baseball pin needs to have a baseball. You can use the baseball’s round shape as a primary framework or outline of the design. Above all, baseballs are also great when used as smaller design items. They look good on hats, clothing and of course, pins!


The diamond shape is commonly used as background to set the form of the pin, and another iconic symbol of the game.


By following the famed pirate or ranger flag, something traversed to an x can also be a good design motif. Even if your team name has nothing to do with pirates, crossed baseball bats would definitely add aggressiveness to your design.

Team’s Name, Location, and Logo

Well, these pins represent your group after all. Featuring your Team help people remember who you are and which country you belong to.

Moreover, adding a few extras will help flare up your team! Spice up your design by adding sparkle to it. The following enhancements will surely attract attention, and your baseball trading pin will be an instant hit!

–     Glitters

–    Spinners

–    Blinkers

–    Bobbleheads

–    Sliders

–    Dangles

4. Get your teammates involved

The process of pin-making is a creative and fantastic opportunity for the teams to share something memorable. Most players may be keeping these pins forever, and this is why it’s essential that they feel good about it, and there is no better way to do that than by letting them have a hand in creating it.

To Wrap Up!

baseball-stadia-viewFinally, creating the perfect baseball trading pin may not be that easy, but it is an experience everyone can join in on. You can either create pins yourself or seek help from a professional pin manufacturer such as Vivipins.

The guidelines presented here, along with a lot of love, creativity, and camaraderie, can help make that experience a memorable one, ensuring that everyone gets to have the pin of their dreams, that they can treasure for life.