Despite ban Pakistan imports Maharashtra onions via Bangladesh

Despite ban Pakistan imports Maharashtra onions via BangladeshOn Wednesday, Minister of State for Agriculture – Sadabhau Khot said that Pakistan imports Maharashtra onions, despite a ban by Islamabad on its export from India, because the onions will travel via Bangladesh through the West Bengal route.

As per the sources from Maharashtra that West Bengal is the biggest exporters of onions to European nations and neighbour country – Bangladesh. And from Bangladesh, Pakistan imports onions.


Khot said that West Bengal is the biggest importer of Maharashtra onions and exports to Europe, eastern countries and Bangladesh. The state farmers will get benefit if we make new traders there.

He said that during the year 2015 – 2016,  Maharashtra state produced 67.67 lakh metric tonnes of onions, a rise of more than 20 lakh MT as compared to the previous year. More than 50% Maharashtra onions imported by West Bengal and out of these Nashik contributes 80 per cent.

Khot further said that the onions cost have dropped in the local market due to a bumper production in the State in 2016.

Khot said on whether a ban by Pakistan on import of Indian onions and cotton will affect the domestic market that Our trade will not affected even though Pakistan has banned import from India. We have another route via neighbour country Bangladesh. Pakistan will purchase onions from Bangladesh.

Khot said that we will showcase our produce including Alphonse, Capsicum, Cabbage, Cashew nut, Banana, Sweet orange, Mandarin Orange, pomergranate, grapes etc to traders and others in West Bengal and Assam.