Detailed Information About The Different Types of Mattresses To Help You Select the Right One


Mattresses are available in a variety of types and make. You have to understand the different types of mattresses, before you choose to buy one. When buying a mattress online or in a local store, you can choose from a list of options to buy.

You can read online reviews and make an informed decision instead of getting influenced the salesmen. Memory foam mattress is the most popular types of mattresses used by the majority all around the world. The fact is that memory foam mattress adjusts to the shape and size of the body and reforms its original position once you get out of bed.

Options in mattresses to look at

Latex, memory foam, innerspring mattresses, cotton, and coil mattresses are available for a purchase. Coil mattresses are the least durable and most inexpensive mattresses but are comfortable to sleep into.

Coil mattresses get dusty as well as catch mites and bacteria, easily. Sleeping in this unhealthy environment increases the chances of catching allergies and the person hardly gets any rest. Cotton mattresses are soft but are not easy to clean. They are not long lasting either.

How mattresses differ from each other

  • Memory foam was first developed by NASA scientists.
  • Memory foam was used in airplanes as seat cushioning.
  • This is the type of mattress that can handle any type of body weight.
  • A memory foam mattress is available in various widths of dimensions.


  • Innerspring mattresses are having been in use since many decades.
  • Various types of support systems are used in innerspring mattresses.
  • Innerspring mattresses are stronger in comparison than memory foam mattresses but not durable.


  • Hybrid mattresses are one of the expensive mattresses.
  • Hybrid mattresses ensure peaceful sleep as they are made with innovative technology.
  • They are comfortable for any type of sleeping posture.
  • Different manufacturers use different types of raw materials.
  • Various types of padding and upholstery material is used in making these mattresses.
  • Foams, fibers, and springs are used in most of the mattresses.
  • Various support systems are used in their construct.

More on mattresses that you need to know

Latex mattresses have been around since the 1960’s. A person with an average budget might not opt for this type of the mattress though they are the most comfortable to sleep in. You can find more about mattresses on www.mattress-inquirer.com.

Understand your sleeping style before you buy any of the available mattresses. When you look for brands in different types of mattresses check for the materials and dimensions used to make the mattresses.

Weights and densities

Foam mattresses are the popular ones that fit the budget of an average person. They also accommodate the weight and can handle density of the body much better. They provide support from every corner of the bed. Innerspring mattresses are available easily at the local store but for memory foam mattresses the best option is to visit online stores to check the different brands.

Innerspring and memory foam mattresses makes it easy and comfortable to turn around, while sleeping. Looking carefully at all the available options available the final choice depends on personal preference.

Construction and material used

Simple mechanism is used in constructing the structure of most of the mattresses. The materials used in most of the types of mattresses are more or less the same. The only difference here is the dimensions and layers in materials used that cause variation in price and quality.


Mattress buying can be quite a task. You must conduct research, before buying a new mattress because you don’t desire to invest in another one very soon, in future.