Devanshi 17th October 2016 Episode Written Updates devanshi challenges Kusum!

Devanshi 17th October 2016 Episode Written Updates devanshi challenges Kusum! : The TV series Devanshi is now keen to focus on that Sakshi feels low and envious of Devanshi after hearing her mother’s conversation regarding the stepdaughter and misunderstands herself as the one.


However, Devanshi tries to clear her mind by trying to discuss the matter with Maa Kusum Sundari. On the other hand, Sarla is busy in setting her plans in motion by inviting her friends for the ‘Jagrata’ of ‘Ghunguru Walli Maata’. Will Sarla be able to gain everyone’s attention towards Devanshi, it is yet to clear.

Devanshi 17th October 2016 Episode Written Updates

Anyway in the last week episode of the TV series Devanshi it has been shown that Devanshi and Sakshi praised the Paratha prepares by Sarla and they are now eating it. Omi also arrives there to have food and he shows the school admission form to both Devanshi and Sakshi. But Sarla just burn the school for and she asked to Omi that for Devanshi she doesn’t need to study.

Devanshi now see Rajjo and Rajjo saves Devanshi from a mishap. Devanshi asked to Rajjo that she is having massive love for Rajjo in her heart which makes Rajjo emotional for Devanshi and Rajjo kisses her.

Sarla organised a Jagrata and Durga Puja in her house and she asked to Omi that by doing this she will be making Devanshi more responsible. Omi doesn’t like this but he looks helpless as he can’t go against Sarla anyhow. Kusum in the mean time tries to close with Mohan.

But Devanshi disturbs them by calling there which makes Kusum annoyed with Devanshi, Devanshi by the way call Kusum as Sakshi wanted to speak with her. Sarla is busy organising the Puja in the house.

Now Sarla went to get ready Devanshi but somehow Devanshi screams when she sees the red bangles Sarla was having in her hands which were belongs to Kusum. Devanshi screams a loud on seeing red bangles in fact it was just difficult for Sarla to manage her.

Precap: Kusum says people’s belief will not get less. Devanshi comes in temple and eat Laddoos. She becomes Maa Durga avatar to challenge Kusum.