Devanshi 6th October 2016 4th Episode Written Updates! A tiger goes to devanshi

Devanshi 6th October 2016 4th Episode Written Updates! A tiger goes to devanshi :- In the last night episode of the TV series Devanshi, it has been shown that Mata Kusum Sundari takes raise Devashi in hands and says that this girl is now of temple and the temple will be taking responsibility for her. Devasni’s parents just shattered to know so and they pledge in front of Kusum to give them back their baby but Mata Kusum throws them out and did not give the baby.


Now the baby’s mother cries in front of the saint by saying that she need to have her baby back. But the saint explain to her that this baby is come to the earth to stop Mata Kusum so let her be with Mata Kusum.

Now the baby Devanshi is in the hands of the Mata Kusum and Mata Kusum asked Sarla to take care of the baby Devanshi. But due to Sarla is annoying with the baby she kept her outside of the house and Sarla’s husband Vikram who wishes to take care of Devanshi can’t go against his wife.

Devanshi’s parents try to lodge a complaint against Mata Kusum that she snatch their daughter from them but the police declare that he can’t do anything against Mata Kusum unless the public won’t leave him.

The police also scolded Devanshi’s parents for speaking against Mata Kusum. Somehow Devanshi’s parent manages to save Devanshi and they have her but Kusum’s goons just snatch Devanshi from them.

Devanshi’s mother realised that Mata Kusum is keen to snatch Devansghi from them but she won’t let this happen. Devanshi’s mother asked to her husband that she won’t leave this godly woman anyhow but Devanshi’s father asked to her that first we need to have our daughter.

In tonight’s episode, we will be seen that Devanshi’s mother Gayatri goes to the crowd and reveal the fact that Kusum is not a Mata she is just making us fool. She also reveals that Kusum go intimate with Mohan but the crowd became too annoyed of Gayatri for saying that against Mata Kusum.

Devanshi’s life is also in risk on the other hand as Sarla is not taking proper care of her and a tiger will be seen coming to her in order to attack her.