Dhaani accepts that she is Suman! Ishq Ka Rang Safed 16th March 2016 Episode Written Updates

The yesterday night episode of the TV series “Ishq Ka Rang Safed” begins with Raja’s Mami is praising Shalu and says she looks good in whatever she wears. Shalu smiles, now Raja see that the Viplav is coming and by mistake Raja break the Viplav’s phone. Viplav asks him not to worry its okay, just right now be preparing for the marriage.

Dhaani accepts that she is Suman! Ishq Ka Rang Safed 16th March 2016 Episode Written Updates

Dhaani is preparing for the marriage and all of sudden Viplav call her, Viplav try to speak with the Dhaani and Dhaani disconnected the call. Actually, Dhaani is currently in mood to stop the marriage, as she is aware from the fact that if Shalu will be married to the Raja her life will be ruin. Now Kanak talks to Raja’s mum and asks about her husband. His mum lies and says he is busy right now busy with his works. Now Dhaani tries to come out of Ashram and finds the door locked.

She just hope that someone will be open the door of the Ashram, she is in waiting. When marriage preparations was going on, that time Raja had been seen worry. Raja tells his Mum and Mami that Suman saw his face on Viplav’s phone. He says we have to do something else our secret will come out.

As of now Dhaani is only thinking about the Raja’s psycho behaviour and thinks she should go somehow and stop the wedding. She tries to call Viplav and finds the landline dead. Raja’s mum asks Mami to go to Police station and get Suman arrested from Ashram. Raja’s mum firstly asked him to marry Shalu as soon as possible. Raja’s mum asked him not to worry he will be handle the situation of the all.

In the mean time, Mami comes to the police station and tells to the Inspector that she founded the murderer of her nephew. And she is actually Dhaani aka Suman. Viplav asks Shalu to get up and change her dress. Shalu gets up and goes. Now Kanak said that Shalu will be coming now and we need to start the marriage now.

Now the marriage is going on between Shalu and Raja, Dhaani has been escaped from the police and rush towards the house of the Viplav to stop the marriage of the Shalu and Raja. Now Dhaani arrived in the marriage venue, and asked to stop the marriage with Vaakil Babu.