Dhaani Is Shattered! Ishq ka Rang Safed 14th June 2016 Episode Written Update

Dhaani Is Shattered! Ishq ka Rang Safed 14th June 2016 Episode Written Update :- The last night episode of the TV series Ishq ka Rang Safed starts with Dhaani is coming to the home and asking Kamini is Viplav os in the home. Kamini says I am calling him, but he is not picking up my calls. Dhaani says let me try and she calls him to see that Viplav receives the Dhaani’s call.

ishq ka rang safed written episode updates

ishq ka rang safed written episode updates

Kamini became angry as Viplav did not receives his call but he is receiving Dhaani’s call and Dhaani asked him to come and Viplav says that he is right on his way and he is coming now to Dhaani asked to Kamini that Viplav must be busy with his friends.

Ishq ka Rang Safed Episode Written Update

Eventually, Viplav comeback and he have some quality time with Dhaani and Kamini fumes on anger with the same. And now Dhaani notice that Viplav is worry for something and Dhaani asked him to share the same with her and Viplav gives nod.

Now Dashrath is busy organising the charity for the widow and first he thinks to call Dhaani for the same but Viplav intervene there and he said that I am actually married to Dhaani and I actually fall in love with her to marry her.

Viplav further added that she is my wife not the widow and Dashrath agree with that and he call Raj Laxmi for the same and Asthana completes the rituals’ of the same. Now Dhaani come in the home and share the total event about Viplav with Dulaari. Dulaari says that Viplav will be always there with you.

Now Dashrath organised a function for the Viplav’s wife and Dashrath wants to give the honour to Kamini but Viplav thinks that he should give the same honour to Dhaani but Tripathi family is in no mood to believe Dhaani as his wife. Somehow Viplav got to know some reality.

Because of the reality come in front of Viplav, he became angry on Dhaani as Dhaani hides the same and Kamini is stunned to know the same. Dhaani also said that to Kamini that she fails to hides the reality from him.