Dhaani is tensed! Ishq Ka Rang Safed 23rd July 2016 Episode Written Updates

Dhaani is tensed! Ishq Ka Rang Safed 23rd July 2016 Episode Written Updates :- The show stars with Dhani confirming from the nurse that, whether Parshiya’s masked was removed by someone or it went off due to carelessness.

Ishq Ka Rang Safed Written Updates

Ishq Ka Rang Safed Written Updates

Ishq Ka Rang Safed Episode Written Updates

The nurse told that there is a possible that mask was loose and thus it went off. Then, Dhaani scolded the nurse and asked her to be more attentive as this could have cost them the life of Parshiya.

Then, Anshuman entered the room and asked the nurse to be careful for the next time. Meanwhile, Kamini was telling Tripurari that Dashrat has some doubt on them, so he asked him to leave the hospital.

Tripurari told Kamini that Viplav’s times has gone and now, it’s his time to rule. But, Kamini told him that viplva will return one day.

Anshuman, asks Dhaani that is everything fine? Dhaani replied that nothing is fine. Viplav is missing and Parshiya’s mom does not know anything about me.

Then, Dhani asked Dullari that Where is Viplav? Dullari says he went to school. Dhaani says I am going home.

Pratibha prays to Lord Ganesha and offered prasad to vibha. Then, Vibha asked her that Why she is not eating the prasad?

She says I am sacrificing sweets for him nd I will not eat and he will fulfill every desire of me. She also, asks her to call her Dadi/Aaji.

Vibha agrees to it and leaves from there. Rahul and other person come there and greet her. Then, she asked them why Viplav is leaving in small Basti as he is a very rich guy?

They told hem her that Viplav is Dhanni’s husband and Vibha’s father and Vibha do not know about this.

Then, Pratibha went to talk to Dhaani at her house. She asked Dhaani why you don’t tell us about Viplav? Dhani got shocked but explained her everything and also told her that I thought that you will hate me after knowing this truth.

The both went to the hospital to Parbhiya. Pratibha told Parshiya that Dhani and her mom is here. Dhaani informed Dullari that Pratibha knows everything about me and Viplav.

Then Pratibha came there and gave her favorite doll to Parshiya . Dhaani started crying and her tear went on Parshiya nd Parshiya went on.

Vibha became happy and told Pratibha ha Parshiya will become your father after marrying your mother.

Then, Police arrives there and asked Parshiya bailout his fight. He told them that, Viplav pushed him and he is responsible for his condition


Dashrat informed Kanak that Parshiya has come out of the unconsciousness and have given his statement to the police. kanak gets worried about the Viplav as Pasrshiya will put every blame on him.