Dhani becomes Viplav’s Nurse! Ishq Ka Rang Safed 18th April 2016 Episode Written Updates

The tonight episode of the TV series “Ishq Ka Rang Safed” is to showcase that it is Raja’s dad will be slap Raja and Raja’s mom opposed this but Raja’s dad says that I won’t allow Raja to ruin any girl’s life as he already ruin someone’s life. And now Raja’s dad brings an woman and called him his wife and she is mother of his son too.

Dhani becomes Viplav's Nurse! Ishq Ka Rang Safed 18th April 2016 Episode Written Updates

Raja said that this is lying to the Shalu and said it is pre planned of the Dhaani and Viplaav to break our marriage. Raja’s mom supports him and Viplaav had fight with Raja but Raja was keep doing emotional blackmail to the Shalu.

Now Raja reached towards Shalu and holds her and says I love you Shalini. They are lying. We should marry now but Shalu now slap Raja and humiliated him badly by saying that you deceived me and I loved you. This girl is saying the truth that you are father of her son and her husband.

You are lying to me. Just leaved now and now Shalu also insulted Raja’s mum. Now Raja’s dad said to the Tripathi family that it is Raja and his mom’s greed ruined my house and now they wants to ruin your house. My elder son was a drunkard and he die after destroying Dhaani’s life and my younger son is a gambler.

Now Dhaani samiles and said to Raja, Chalo! Finally I achieve on saving Shalu’s life. But Raja leaved and he decides to ruin Dhaani’s life now and he also wants to kill Dhaani. Now Dashrath and Pandit Jee seek apologised from each other for whatever happened in the Tripathi house.

Also now Pandit Jee invited Dashrath to come in the Maha Aarti and Dashrath gives his nod with his whole family. But when the entire Tripathi family reached to the Maha Aarti, it is in the temple, Raja attack on the Dhaani in order to stab her. But suddenly Vipaav came there and in the process of saving Dhaani, he himself gets stabbed.

And now Viplaav fall down and rush to the hospital. Kanak blames Dhaani for whatever happened and also making her pushes from her when she tries to come. Now Dhaani breakdowns on the tears and Sushma hold her. Sushma try to make Kanak realised that whatever happened with Viplaav is not because of Dhaani, and he will be cure, trust god.

But Kanak is keep cursing Dhaani, and now Dhaani is praying to god to make him cure. Eventually, Dhaani rush to the temple and prayed to god and tied knot there. But Viplaav now breathe his last. The Tripathi family is breakdown now.