Dharam pushes Gaura away! Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd May 2016 Episode Written Update

Dharam saves Meera. Meera expresses her love as she saw Dharam alive. Gopi and Kokila are relieved now. Kokila asks Gopi to call Ahem and informs everyone that Dharam rescued Meera.

Dharam pushes Gaura away! Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd May 2016 Episode Written Update

Gaura says she will be hanged till now. Urmila slaps her. Ahem got a call from Gopi and she informs that they successfully saved Meera. Ahem tells everyone that Meera is fine now. Gaura is now worried for herself. Whole Modi family is happy.

Jigar informs Vidya that Meera was rescued and fine now. Vidya and Baa thanked god for saving Meera. Dharam is angry from her mother and asks Meera now Baaji has to pay for what she has done.

Modi’s hang Gaura upside down. Urmila fed chilies in her mouth. Hetal stops Urmila but Gaura curses Ahem so she asks Urmila to continue as she deserves this.

Jigar is waiting for Meera to come then they will call the police to arrest Gaura. Durga calls Shravan and told him that Dharam is alive. Shravan realises his mistake.

Vidya is now relieved Baa asks her that Shravan is just to come to bring you back. But Vidya is in a dilemma. Durga hugs Dharam as he came with Gopi, Kokila and Meera. Meera feels insecure. Meera hugs Ahem and he is now relieveD. Gopi says you are reborn today.

Dharam finds Gaura and asks to open rope. Dharam asks her if she is fine? and gave her a glass to water. Gaura acts innocent in front of Dharam and asks to kick out everybody.


Meera says that now they will drag her behind the bars. Dharam says no one needs to do so. Gaura is happy seeing Dharam in her favour and steps forward to hug him. Dharam pulls her and says neither I am your son nor you are my mother.