Dharam will not give Vidya’s child! Saath Nibhana Saathiya 31st March 2016 Episode Written Update

In the last night episode of the TV series “Saath Nibhana Saathiya” it has been shown that Sona discriminates with Pari by serving her the diet Khichdi and Sona became very angry with this.

Dharam will not give Vidya's child! Saath Nibhana Saathiya 31st March 2016 Episode Written Update

In the Modi house gradually a conflict and the ego clash took place between Gopi and Pari and Pari clearly says that she is in no mood to accept Sona as their daughter in law and it is Gopi is keep supporting Sona. Kokila is also joining there.

Meanwhile, Vidya has been completely broken down as she have to give her baby to the Kadambari as the Naiya’s kid, and due to she don’t want to gift her baby to someone else it is Meera here to support her sister Vidya. Meera also try to explain to the Dharam that it will be not easy for the Vidya to give her kid to the somebody else but she is have to do it which is injustice.

Gaura yells at Meera as Meera shouted at the Dharam. But Meera speaks fluently and clearly with Gaura that she is going to support Vidya in the case of her baby and she will not allow anybody to snatch the Vidya’s child. Now Meera rush towards the Vidya’s room where Vidya was crying and now Meera says she will not tolerate the nonsense of the Guara and she also promised with the Vidya’s unborn kid who is sleeping right now in the Vidya’s womb that her Meera Maasi will not allow anybody to snatch him from his mother.

When the Gaura and the Suryavanshi family is try to explain to the Meera that Vidya have to give her baby to the Kadambari and Naiya as they promised about this. Now Meera take a sword and start threatening the people to leave Vidya. But Dharam come there and snatch the sword from the Meera’s hands and said that he will be killing himself.

Meera said I will kill everyone who will try to snatch the Vidya’s kid from herself. And Meera did not care about Dharam so gradually Gaura try to drive out Meera from the Suryavanshi house but Meera said I will not leave this house until my divorce with Dharam will not proceed. Gaura fumes on the anger with this and looked on the Meera.

Naiya rush towards Meera who is right now in full conflict mood to cry in the front of her but about this Meera shouted at the Naiya and said to her that Vidya is not going to give her baby to you. Naiya became shocked and looked on!!!!