Didn’t Misbehave With Anyone, Vijay Goel Tells After Rio Controversy

Didn’t Misbehave With Anyone, Vijay Goel Tells After Rio Controversy :- Earlier, Rio Olympic organisers in a acrid letter to chef-de-mission of India Rakesh Gupta complained about the rude and aggressive behaviour of Vijay Goel and people accompanying him at the Games venues without any permission.



In an exclusive interview with India Today, Goel said that there were no allegations against him. He promised to look at any complaint against any truant members of his delegation.

He said that there was nothing against me. there has been talk about my staff. No one has said that I misbehaved or flouted rules.

He also said that If there is anything against any of my staff, I will check what the matter is and solve it out.

Vijay Goel also clarified that proper arrangements were made through official channels when he went out on to the field to congratulate the Indian women’s hockey team after the match against Japan.

He said that Special passes were made for us so we could go and congratulate the players. I can tell you that Brazil is doing a spectacular job of hosting the Rio Olympics 2016.

Vijay Goel said that the organisers are very efficient and very strict. I am just here to cheer the Indian athletes and no one has complained of my behaviour.

According to the reports that on Saturday, Vijay Goel was all set to leave Brazil for India. It is not yet clear whether the early departure of Goel to India is a fallout of this controversy.

Continental Manager for Rio Olympic 2016 Organising Committee, Sarah Peterson said in a letter to Indian Chef-de-mission that we have had multiple reports of your Sports Minister trying to enter accredited areas at venues with unaccredited individuals. When the staff try to explain that this is not allowed, the staff report that the people with the Sports Minister have become rude and aggressive. Sometimes push past our staff

The Minister was invited by the team to interact with the players on one occasion after the completion of the women’s hockey game between India and Japan (where India did well to hold on for a draw).

Goel went down to the field of play unintentionally to interact with the Indian women’s hockey players and not knowing that he needed a field-of-play special pass.

But it was brougth to his notice that this was wrong to interact the players direct at field of play. Then he left the field and met with the players outside the field of play.

Rakesh Gupta said that on another occasion, Goel took the special pass and only then met the players. It is unfortunate that a non-issue is being made into an issue without any reason.

Meanwhile, Goel in a chat with India Today, denied that he or his group behaved rudely with anyone in the Rio Olympic Games.