The Top 5 Absolute Best Diesel Generators for Your Business

A generator is an important device to have as a business owner because it just might be the difference between you and your competition. The power machine is capable of producing and distributing power to the electrical appliances that you own for your business to function smoothly in case of a power outage.

Before buying a generator, it is important that you understand that all generators have different features in how they function. Such features include the power output, engine, and fuel consumption, and the type of fuel that they use to work.

Different generators require various types of fuel for it to work ranging from petrol, gas, or diesel. However, diesel generators are the most superior in the market since they are more durable and easy to maintain. The best diesel generators burn less fuel per horsepower during each hour that they are running.

Here are the top 5 absolute best small diesel generators that you should consider buying for your business.

1. The DuroStar DS7000Q Diesel Powered Generator

DuroStar is the best generator you can get in the market. The machine is very reliable because it gives 6000 peak watts and 5500 running watts. The generator weighs more than 300 pounds but it is easy to move around your premises thanks to its wheel kits.

Various diesel generators produce a lot of noise when working, but the DuroStar DS7000Q is different since it comes with a vibration-isolation mounting between its base frame and the alternator/engine feet. The isolation helps in reducing the vibration noise and increase the durability period of the gadget.

The primary advantage of the DuroStar DS7000Q generator is its ability to run for an extended period. On half load, the machine can run non-stop for more than 12 hours. It is also possible to know when the generator is running out of fuel through its fuel gauge.

Here are some of the DuroStar DS7000Q Pros:
• Electric start and remote
• Large fuel tank
• Long runtime
• Noise-reduction measures
• More power
• Wheel kit for easier transport

These are some of the DuroStar DS7000Q Cons:
• It’s expensive
• Short period warranties

The DS7000Q is a guaranteed workhorse that will serve you for years.

2. The Pulsar PG7000D Generator

The Pulsar PG7000D is a convenient machine that is pocket-friendly and comes with a digital control panel that consists of an hour meter and a voltage meter. The diesel gadget features 7000 peak watts and 5500 running watts.

The machine is an excellent generator to use in your business as any employee in your business can start it quickly in your absentia. The machine comes with two starts up options that include an electric push-button or a standard recoil pulls to start.

The generator is highly recommended since it produces less noise when running as compared to most generators in the market. It can run for up to 10 hours at half load. It also has a fuel gauge to check the fuel level to help you know when you need to fill it up.

Some of the Pulsar PG7000D Pros include:
• Long runtime
• Digital control panel with maintenance alerts
• More affordable than other models
• Less noise

The Pulsar PG7000D Cons include:
• Not as durable as other models
• Not CARB compliant
• No pushing handles

The Pulsar PG7000D is a quiet giant that will run for plenty of years.

3. Generac XD5000E Diesel Powered Generators

The Generac XD5000E comes with a 12-gallon fuel tank that enables you to have enough fuel to run for more than a whopping 32 hours just on half load.

The Generac XD5000E is easy to start just like the modern generators that have appeared recently in the market. You can start the machine by using the easy push-button electric start, or a recoil pull start. It also comes with a compression release lever for easier starting during cold weathers.

The Generac XD5000E generator is of good quality and durable, therefore, saving you money from constant repairing or even buying new generators all the time. As far as safety is concerned, the generator comes with a robust welded 1-1/4” steel frame.

The device wasn’t designed for mobility as it weighs around 250 pounds. It comes with handles that you can use to lift over short distances. However, you can purchase a separate wheel kit as an added cost so you can move it more quickly.

The pros of the Generac XD5000E include:
• 2-year limited warranty
• Big fuel tank and super long runtime
• Cleaner power with <5% harmonic disruption
• EPA/CARB compliant
• Hour meter for monitoring maintenance schedule
• Sturdy steel frame
• Easy to start during cold weathers

These are the Cons of going with the Generac XD5000E:
• You need to buy a battery separately
• Have to purchase wheel kit separately

As a business owner buying the Generac XD5000E for your business is one of the decisions you are guaranteed to not regret.

4. Gilette GEN-PRO GPED-65EK Diesel Generators

Once you get the Gilette GEN-PRO GPED-65EK generator in your business, you will have enough fuel to run you close to 10 hours at a half load. Though the generator does not have a start remote, you can put it on using an electric start or a recoil pull start. The generator has a runtime meter and beeping lights to alert you if the need to change oil arises as well as changing the air filter.

The most contradicting thing about Gilette GEN-PRO GPED-65EK generator is that it is quite a big generator in size, yet it is one of the lightest in the market, weighing 200 pounds. The machine is easy to lift thanks to its steel frames and handles, but you have to buy a wheel kit separately for ease of movement. If its size isn’t for you, you can have a look at a small diesel generator for sale.

The Gilette GEN-PRO GPED-65EK Diesel Pros are:
• Cleaner power with Power Assist
• Excellent runtime
• EPA/CARB compliant
• Remarkable warranties: 3-year engine, 2-year parts, 1-year labor
• Lighter than other diesel generators
• Sturdy and durable frame

A few of the Gilette GEN-PRO GPED-65EK Diesel Cons include:
• Separate wheel kit
• No remote start
• Quite bulky

If you want dependable backup electric power with a reliable engine, then the Gillette GEN-PRO is the best choice of you.

5.SIGMA 7000W Silent Diesel Generators

SIGMA 7000W is another great generator you can purchase for business use. Its engine operates at a high speed of 3600 revolutions per minute with a high peaking power of 7000W and a rating of 5500W, making it very reliable. The machine run time is four hours on half load and a 3.96 gallons’ tank volume.

Notable pros for the SIGMA 7000W diesel generator include:
• 7000W peak power
• Comes with a battery
• Fuel gauge
• Reliable and durable

The SIGMA 7000W has a few cons namely:
• Low fuel tank
• Low run time
• Separate wheel kit

The SIGMA 7000W operates efficiently due to the speed at which the engine functions and is a very good choice for our business.

Your Power Is in Your Ability to Decide

Diesel generators are vital machines to have either in your house or business. Once you have one in your business, you won’t have to worry anymore about power loss since you already have a backup.

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