Why Did Dinush Kurera Kill His Wife Nelomie Perera? Girl Seeks For Help Video Viral

Why Did Dinush Kurera Kill His Wife Nelomie Perera? Girl Seeks For Help Video Viral:- Nelomie Perera was a mother of three children. Now it is being reported by the police that Nelomie Perera died after she was murdered at her residence. However, the police have arrested the culprit and now the police have been taking all the required action on the case of Nelomie Perera.

Why Did Dinush Kurera Killed His Wife Nelomie Perera Girl Seeks For Help Video Viral

We think about the children of Nelomie Perera and Dinush Kurera, that in what condition they would currently be. And who would be there to take care of the children of Nelomie Perera? We also hope here that there would be some kind of non-profitable organization to take care of Nelomie Perera’s children.

Why Did Dinush Kurera Killed His Wife Nelomie Perera?

On Saturday, 3rd December 2022, Nelomie Perera was murdered at her residence. Nelomie Perera was found to be dead in a pool of blood at her home in Wodalla Circuit in south-east Melbourne which is the neighborhood of Sandhurst in Australia. Now the CCTV footage of the residence of Nelomie Perera of the day when Nelomie Perera died is being viral on social media platforms. We can see in one of the footage that Nelomie Perera’s daughter would be begging her neighbors to help her to save her mother.

After the incident had happened, the police took over the case, and now they have started to be in search of the culprit of the case. According to the sources, Nelomie Perera’s husband Dinush Kurera is suspected of killing his wife with a knife. Dinush Kurera was arrested by the police on the charges of killing his wife.

Who Was Nelomie Perera?

Nelomie Perera was the mother of three children. Reportedly, Nelomie Perera was murdered by her own husband at her residence in Australia. Now Nelomie Perera’s son who is around the age of 14 is also being reported to be injured by the stab wound. As soon as the police had gotten to know about the murder of Nelomie Perera, they rushed to her home and then they found out that Nelomie Perera’s son was injured too, but it was fortunate that he was still alive and now he is in a stable condition.

Nelomie Perera was married to Dinush Kurera who is now being called the culprit for killing his wife, Nelomie Perera. According to the sources, Nelomie Perera and Dinush Kurera separated from each other after 20 years of their marriage just a year ago. Dinush has now been arrested and he has still not applied for bail on his case.

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