WTH! ‘Dishoom’ Movie leaked Online! Is Bollywood End Now?

WTH! ‘Dishoom’ Movie leaked Online! Is Bollywood End Now? :- The much-awaited action-adventure flick Dishoom which is directional by the Rohit Dhawan is Leaked online? Again it’s a so much upset news for the filmmakers, who invests lot’s of time and funds to make a film for the benefit the audience and hits the box office. Producer Mukesh Bhatt announced that The Film and Television Producer’s Trade of India operated an emergency conference subsequent they heard of the chances of forthcoming movie Dishoom leaking online.

Varun Dhawan starrer ‘Dishoom’ leaked

According to the source reports, Where much-awaited action-adventure film Dishoom gonna be in crisis.

Because of before it’s releasing date the film going under circumvents for leaked online?

And also The Bollywood well-known Producer Mukesh Bhatt confirmed said that The FCAT conducted an urgency discussion after they heard of the risks of forthcoming movie Dishoom leaking online while it will be released on 29th July.

While in the press-conference, Producer Mukesh Bhatt said that We have taken the unexpected message that a film download pirate websites like torrent are showing that much-awaited film Dishoom will shortly be presented.

Whenever a film pirate website shows that there will be a loss, there could be zero more frightful for a producer.

Therefore we held an urgency conference following I am the president of the Film Producer’s Guild, and we superior farmers believed about what can be made of it.

Also, Mukesh Bhatt told that It is so risky message that they had caused this aim while Great Grand Masti film that moment we knew that somebody was kidding and we didn’t catch it sincerely and when we came to understand that it’s over and the filmmakers got finished.

But now with the Bollywood upcoming film ‘Dishoom’ although, there was a resolution about the use of presenting DVDs.

where from the reports, The Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) has supported us and a film got a certificate without returning over a DVD.

I want to cheer them for know about the problem in the leaked film issues and They have explained it by stating, whenever you think that it could leak from here then your security and emotional help and maybe you can return the DVD later the film release.