Diwali Special Episode! Jamai Raja 23rd October 2016 Today Written Updates

Diwali Special Episode! Jamai Raja 23rd October 2016 Today Written Updates :- Zee Tv most exciting entertaining show, Jamai Raja looks like an outstanding program, which gives the tremendous voltage potential that pushes to the Jamai Raja followers.


Jamai Raja 23rd October 2016 Written Update

The standard TV series Jamai Raja steadily made to give goose bumps to the viewers with its never dropping dilemma way and instantly the immense crux of the show is to showcase in the popular episodes that, Mahi (Shiny Doshi) says she hosts to do work generally as gathering finished. She turns out and sees cheerful Diwali composed with diyas. Satya (Ravi Dubey) comes and says cheerful Diwali Mahi. Mahi embraces him inwardly. Satya tells that he can do anything for her and requests that she eat nourishment. Mahi concurs. Ranbir Kapoor makes Mahi understand Satya’s intimate romance for her. Mahi embraces Satya.

Actually, Payal tells she is certain that it is Satya’s scheme. Shom says how we will demonstrate? Payal calls somebody. Satya tells Mahi that he is feeling torment in his grasp as they tied him firmly. Mahi holds her ears and apologizes cryingly. She requests that he have sustenance. Satya says I won’t eat until you have it.

Where In the last episode, Mahi administers to Satya and goes on his hand as he met the hot sustenance. Payal supposes she will uncover his puerile demonstration infront of Mahi.

Where In the latest episode, Mahi is attempting to tie her dress dori, yet she proved unable. She swings to Satya and requests that he tie it. Satya draws close to her.

Mahi requests that he put bloom hitch simply like shoe ribbon. Satya ties the ribbon reluctantly. Mahi goes. Satya thinks to control his feelings. Koel pulls Satya to her room and tells that Satya is taken cover behind Sattu.

Satya begins yelling advising nangi didi attempting to do a weird thing with him. Mahi and others assemble. Payal says we should secure him room. Mahi is stunned.

Satya says she is lying and I need to go to glad Diwali. Shom ties his hands. Mahi is sorrowful eyes and requests that he be cautious. Payal takes Mahi from that point.

Satya cries as a tyke. They clear out. Satya gets irate. In the gathering, Mahi is serving the visitors. Payal gives her work. A visitor asks who is she?

Payal says she is a vagrant, I deal with her. Naina, Mitul, and Satya are stunned. Payal welcomes Minister as he comes. Satya tosses coordinate stick close to the saltines boxes.

Everybody bounced to spare themselves from saltines. Naina grins seeing Satya doing the naughtiness. Everybody sees Minister’s grasp tumbling down.

He gets furious. Mahi comes there, sees the saltines blasted. Serve gets irate on Payal. Payal requests that him not go and is strained. Shom sees Satya peeping there.

He says Satya is here. Payal says no one is here. Mahi says you have secured his room, then in what manner would he be able to be here?

Payal says we might check in room. They open the entryway and sees Satya tied with rope and sleeping on the bed.