Meenakshi Gets Shocked! Diya Aur Baati Hum 8th August 2016 Written Updates

Meenakshi Gets Shocked! Diya Aur Baati Hum 8th August 2016 Written Updates :- The show starts with Sandhya hugging Misri and saying her that she will miss her. Then, Misri asked about Mansi. Sandhya introduces Mansi to everyone and says that she is a brave girl.


Diya Aur Baati Hum Written Updates

Misri looks sad while leaving the house and Shilpi waits for Misri to come. Meanwhile, Sandhya asked Mansi to wait as she is just coming after dropping Misri.

Vikram and Mishri hug each other and gets emotional. Vikram asks Misri to bring a shirt for him. Meenakshi feels bad as she lied to Vikram but thinks that once Misri will come back after winning the cup, Vikram’s happiness will be on the seventh sky. Then, she takes Misri and goes out.

Shilpi called Meenakshi and asked her where is she? She says we are just coming. Vikram asked Meenakshi what with whom you are talking? She says Sudha, then Vikram told Meenakshi that ” he would never have let Misri go anywhere as she is the diamond of her life.

Meenakshi decided, to tell the truth to Vikram after she will come back, and then, she asked Misri to bring the blue bag, but later she thinks that the blue bag contains a passport, money, paper and other document and if anyone will see this, then they ill caught it.

Meanwhile, Mansi gets scared and cries and says that they took me to abroad after lying to me. Sandhya asked Mansi to reveal the name of the goons, so that other girls might get justice.

Then, Sandhya asked Meenakshi what happened? Meenakshi told her that Misri forgets her bag. Then, Vikram asked Meenakshi that he will drop Mansi, but Meenakshi says ” no you need to handle the shop”. Misri along with Meenakshi leaves and waved her hands to say goodbye to everyone.

On the other side, Shilpi calls Makrand and told her that we will cut the feathers of Misri once she will come to my hand. Other family members return back and see Mansi sad.

Sooraj asked Mansi to eat kheer and Vikram gives toffees to Mansi. Sandhya smiles as Mansi takes the toffees from Vikram. But then, Mansi started crying and tell everyone that my father also used to give me toffees like Vikram gave me. Sandhya calls Arpita and told her that this is the right time as Mansi is tearing out.

On the other side, Emily was seen crying as she was leaving the house. She wants Om to stop, her., Then, Bhabho reached there and says there is no need to stay here. But Emily forced Bhaabho that I want to stay here.

Then, Om asked Emily to stay there. Bhabhoo and Massa shouted and says just because of your childhood, we both have to fight. On the other side, Meenakshi and Misri meet Shilpi.

Shilpi promises Meenakshi that she will take care of Misri and leaves. on their way, Misri realizes that this is not the way to the airport and started shouting help me. Shilpi slaps Misri.


In the upcoming episode, Mansi gives details and artist makes the sketch of Shilpi. Meenakshi sees that and gets shocked.