DMK Will Win Tamil Nadu Assembly Elections 2016 Seats Results Declared Tomorrow

Voters and leaders of Tamil Nadu were eagerly waiting to know the result of Assembly elections 2016. Most of the reports cleared about the victory of DMK Congress in the state.

Chennai voters turned up the least this time in Tamil Nadu Assembly elections that was conducted on Monday. Rajesh Lakhoni is a known face of Tamil Nadu and also a chief officer of Tamil Nadu elections.tamilnadu

He addressed a press conference and said that the final figure of the State’s voter turnout will be known only by 8 p.m. According to the poll of all polls Congress is set to win with 120 seats.

Some sources said that current chief minister Jay Lalita could end up with one hundred and three seats this time. She would not win more seats. But these are just the predictions. Accurate results will be shown tomorrow.

Some news polls say that DMK Congress will win one hundred forty seats in Tamilnadu leaving the ruling AIADMK with 90 and the rest with just four.

Mr. Karunanidhi already stated that they were very positive about the results, and they would win enough seats to form a government. 73.76% people voted in the Tamil Nadu assembly election.

Tamil Nadu projections: 234 total seats

Parties Chanakya India Today-Axis C-voter
AIADMK 90 +/- 9 89-101 139
DMK+ 140 +/- 11 124-140 78
Others 4 +/- 2 4-8 17

DMK expressed a lot of confidence about their victory that would win enough number of seats, and their winning prospectus is bright: DMK patriarch M Karunanidhi. In 2001, AIADMK had won more votes than the DMK.

Well, let’s see who will win this election. The results will be declared tomorrow, and every leaders and candidates are eagerly waiting to know about it.