Doctor shot at in South Delhi farmhouse, shoots back at his attackers

Doctor shot at in South Delhi farmhouse, shoots back at his attackers: In the national capital, Delhi, a 65-year-old orthopedic surgeon was shot at thrice by an unidentified man at his farmhouse on a Saturday night, police told. The men fired approximately, around 2 dozen bullets at the victim Hans U Nagar’s car.

Doctor shot at in South Delhi farmhouse, shoots back at his attackers

The victim, Nagar, hit back by firing at least 13 rounds from his licensed pistol and he said to the Delhi police that he thinks that at least two of the three-four assailants obviously hit by his bullets.

Nagar has been admitted to a private hospital in Gurugram, where the doctor declares that he is stable.

Nagar has told to the Delhi police that he suspects perhaps his brother is the main person who is behind the attack, said Romil Baaniya, deputy commissioner of police. “The three brothers were involved in a dispute over a property in Gurugram’s Berhampur village for the last decade. Multiple civil cases had been filed by the brothers against each other. We have called the two brothers for questioning,” said the DCP.

If the attack is the reason for the property dispute, then this will be regarded as the 2nd such incident took place in three days involving families locked in property dispute which resulted in the violence.

On the last Thursday night, the 2 businessmen brothers and one other person were killed in a clash regarding the parking issue in the north Delhi reportedly.

Police said doctor Nagar work in a famous hospital in south Delhi and he also owned his own clinic in the Hauz Khas.

He is also a consultant at several hospitals in New Delhi.

A son of an Indian army brigadier, the doctor is also having a massive and big farmhouse — ‘Nagar Estate’ — in Gadaipur in Fatehpur Beri. Two of his children are settled foreign.

His daughter, Tanu, told reporters that the attack happened around 11.30pm on Saturday when the doctor was returning home from work. He had driven his car into his property when he was suddenly attacked by three-four men who were waiting for him.

At the time of the incident, there was a security guard but police said that he was sleeping in that period.

“The attackers appear to have entered the farmhouse through the surrounding jungles. They did not appear to have entered through the farmhouse’s main gate. They began firing at the car and my father used his licensed pistol to return fire,” said Tanu.

The car bore 16 bullet holes and the bullets also hit the walls, trees and the road at the crime spot there were so many bullet marks.

The DCP stated that 22 empty cartridges and two live rounds were recovered from the spot.

“The retaliatory firing forced the assailants to flee, but not before they had pumped three bullets into the doctor’s abdomen. The victim remembers seeing one or two of the attackers being hit by his bullets. We have alerted the hospitals in Delhi-NCR to inform us if they come across any suspicious case of people with bullet injuries,” said an investigator.

Nagar, in the intervening time, was rushed to a private hospital in Gurugram where doctors declared that he is “stable”.

“The doctor is conscious and has been able to speak to us. He has named his two brothers and four other persons for planning the attack. He would often carry a licensed pistol as he feared being attacked,” said the DCP.

The officer said that it was too early to determine whether Nagar’s suspicions are right or not and the police also give assurances of this that very soon they will catch the culprit.

There were around 4 CCTV cameras near the crime spot, though, no CCTV able to capture the face of criminals, but it is sure that they all come on the motorcycles.

The police have registered a case of attempt to murder, criminal conspiracy and under the Arms Act.