Don’t Ignore These Safety Steps When Buying Medicines Online

Today, practically anything can be bought online, all thanks to the rapid digitalization. Even though many online marketplaces are still in their nascent stage, they are likely to grow in the coming future. The concept of online pharmacy in India has taken off, and there are now many stores from where people can buy medicines online. Shopping on the internet has already surpassed other mediums.


An online pharmacy seeks to ease the process of buying medicines. In addition to providing comfort, online pharmacies are also affordable and deliver authentic medicines. However, some people do not consider the idea of online shopping safe, which is understandable. Nevertheless, there are certain safety steps that one can follow when they are buying medicines from an online pharmacy.

1. Don’t buy from an online pharmacy that bypasses prescriptions

Any online pharmacy that sells prescription medicines without asking for prescriptions is violating the Indian law. Apart from OTC (over-the-counter) medicines, all online pharmacies are required to ask for a prescription from the buyer. 1mg – an online pharmacy is fully organised and abides the Indian law. Other than OTC medicines, users must upload a prescription for their medicine to make a purchase.

2. Look for the Lock (SSL)

SSL – Secure Sockets Layer is encryption used by trusted websites on the internet. It is a certificate issued to the website that encrypts the connection between a user and the website to prevent any third party or malicious person to read the data. Only buy from an online pharmacy that uses SSL certificate. To know if the online pharmacy uses an SSL certificate, see if the URL of the website starts with https:// instead of http://, and is supported by an icon of a padlock.

3. Read the Privacy and Security Policies

The information of the user must be kept confidential, and the security system of the online pharmacy must be encrypted so that the user’s details are kept intact. Stores like 1mg keep the information confidential and away from the prying eyes. Everything a user shops for is maintained between the customer and the online pharmacy. From the transaction details to the credit card information, everything is stored on encrypted servers.

4. Print or Save Copy of Your Orders

Whenever shopping online, make sure to print or save the copy of the order in case of a dispute. Even though most online stores will send an email confirming the order, it is always a good idea to keep a copy when ordering medicines online.

5. Optimize the Security of Your Mobile Phone or Computer

Keeping the devices’ security settings optimized will keep the transaction as safe as possible. It is essential to install anti-malware and anti-virus programs to keep oneself protected. There are many malicious programs out there that can attack the vulnerability in a device. It is essential to keep the devices updated and have the latest security patches to ensure a safe transaction and that no third party can access the credit or debit cards.

6. Check if the online pharmacy is registered and licensed

It is essential to buy from an online pharmacy that is registered under the body of Government of India. This will not only ensure that the online pharmacy is legitimate but that the user will only get authentic and genuine medicines.

Remember to always buy medicines from an online pharmacy where the safety checks are complete and that it is trustable by a large number of people. Buying medicines online is easy and can be done in a few clicks. Customers get the comfort of buying and having the medicines delivered right at their home. However, a few safety checks like the ones mentioned above is a good practice to follow.