Double Trouble Room Bigg Boss 9 6th Nov 2015 Episode Prince To Propose Yuvika

Double Trouble Room Bigg Boss 9 6th Nov 2015 Episode Prince To Propose Yuvika : Tonight episode of the TV reality show “Bigg Boss 9” there will be a huge melodrama to take place in which the new wild card entry Punit will be fighting with the all housemates. He literally will be screaming also, last night the actor Punit Vashisht joined in the “Bigg Boss 9” house and tonight it will be witnessing by you the ugly spat. He will be also saying tonight that if he shows his real face everybody will be must scared. The television show “Bigg Boss 9” shares about Puneet via its official page of the micro blogging site, “’Main apne roop me aa gaya na toh…’ #PuneetVashishtha warns housemates! Tune in tonight for more! #BB9” – Bigg Boss 9 (@biggboss9).

Double Trouble Room Bigg Boss 9 6th Nov 2015 Episode Prince To Propose Yuvika

Bigg Boss 9 6th Nov 2015 Episode Written Updates

Bigg boss calls Keith in confession room and says emergency has happened outside house, you have to leave house, pack your things in small bag and comeback in confession room.
Keith comes to Rochelle and says i have to leave house, i dont know whats the problem, it maybe something normal also, she ask what happened? he says you dont have to worry, if anything is important then i will send you message, he packs his bags, Rochelle hugs him, Keith leaves house, bigg boss says that Keith has to leave house as his younger brother has passed away.

Tonight also the housemates will be doing their luxury budget tasks shopping in which they will be buying the stuffs which they require. The shopping has been done by the contestants’ perfectly.

Apart from Punit Vashisht fight there will be also fighting between Yuvika Chowdhury and Mandana Karim. Rocheale Rao will be also joining them and there is some ugly clash we witnessed last night between Mandana and Rocheale.

Double Trouble Room

Double Trouble Room Bigg Boss 9 6th Nov 2015 Episode Prince To Propose Yuvika


Rishab, Rimi and Mandana comes in double trouble booth. Bigg boss says first option is that if one of you presses the button then other two will sleep without mattress on bed, if two of them presses the button then the one who didnt push button will sleep without mattress, third option is that if all three presses the button then all inmates will have to sleep without mattress while three of them will sleep on beds, fourth option is that if none of them presses the button then all inmates will sleep without mattress, they have 5 minutes to decide.

Bigg boss says Rishab, Mandana and Rimi pressed button so only they will sleep on beds while all will sleep without mattress, no one will use mattress.

Puneet & Rishab Car Task

There is one challenge for Puneet and Rishab, task is Maruti glory task, Rishab and Puneet have to serve and make girls happy with their gestures, in end girls will decide in whose car they wanna sit, that will be winner.

As per task, first Rishab and Puneet have to dance to impress girls then they will answer girls questions. In activity area, two cars are there for Rishab and Puneet, inmates come there.
Round 1 starts, Tera hero idhar hai song plays, Rishab dances, he pulls Yuvika, Yuvika joins him and dances with him, Rishab gives her flower, all enjoy it. Besharam song plays, Puneet dances to impress girls, all hoot for him.

Round 2 starts, Rishab and Puneet have to rate girls out of 10 seeing their prettiness. Rishab gives 10 out of 10 to Yuvika as she is single, 9 to Rimi, 8 to Mandana, 7 to Kishwar, 10 to Digi and 8 to Rochelle as his boyfriend is lil bit handsome than him, all laughs. Puneet rates them. he rates Yuvika 8 out of 10, Digi 9, Rochelle 9, Kishwar 7, 8 for Rimi, 10 for Mandana as she is hot.
Round 3 is that Rishab and Puneet have to tell from the girls in house, whom they want to take on date, whom they would marry and whom they would want to forget.

Puneet says i would take Mandana on date as things cant go further because she has boyfriend, Mandana laughs, Puneet says i would want to marry Mandana only if we can ignore her boyfriend, he says i would want to forget Kishwar as she was so sweet before this show but as its part of show to fight then she has started fighting with everyone, Kishwar says all wanna fight then what can i do. Yuvika has put flower which Rishab gave on floor, Rishab takes flower back from Yuvika and says you dont care for it, he says i wanna take Mandana on date and i wanna marry Rimi, life would be exciting and i wanna forget Yuvika as she is not my way, Prince takes flower from Rishab and gives it back to Yuvika, all say aww.

Rochelle, Mandana and Yuvika sit in Puneet’s car. Kishwar, Digi and Rimi sit in Rishab’s car, Prince says its tie. Rishab ask Yuvika to come in his car, she doesnt, Digi moves and sit in Puneet’s car so Puneet wins task.

Prince To Propose Yuvika

Suyyash and Prince talk to Rishab about Yuvika, Rishab says i have not come here to find love or friend, i have come here to win, Prince says i like Yuvika and i want her to be in house, Prince says this villain Rishab is nice so he should remain in house.

There will be also some romance will be spreading in the air in the controversial house “Bigg Boss 9” and it is seems like Prince Narula will be falling in love with Yuvika Chowdhury. Yuvika who actually, finds Rishabh Sinha cute and Rishabh also has a soft corner for her.

Anyway, about Prince and Yuvika’s romance “Bigg Boss 9” tweeted, and it tweeted, “@princenarula88 gets on his knees for @yuvikachoudhary! What will her reply be? #BB9” – Bigg Boss 9 (@biggboss9)

Means exactly, tonight Prince will be proposing Yuvika. Let’s see lucky girl Yuvika’s reaction for the same. Rimi Sen who stay mum generally in the house tonight will be giving her opinion about being in the house. She will be also catching doing some chit-chat with the other girls anyway.

By the way, today it is the last day of the nomination’s so make sure you guys voted properly and fully to the your favorite housemates’. It is the last day so I hope you did.

PRECAP : Salman and Soonam Kapoor will celebrate Diwali with inmates. Prince gives heart shape paper to Yuvika and says we used to joke about us being together and in process, i have started liking you in real, Yuvika smiles, he says i am not asking you to take decision here but i will pursue you after show. Prince sit on his knees infront of all and gives flower to Yuvika, he says i like you alot, you look like doll, i would want to make you girlfriend, wife and everything, Yuvika blushes, he hugs her.

bigg boss 9 2nd nov 2015


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