Double Trouble Room Task Nomination Bigg Boss 9 28th Dec 2015 Episode Written Update

Double Trouble Room Task Nomination Bigg Boss 9 28th Dec 2015 Episode Written Update : The controversial TV reality show “Bigg Boss 9” celebrated Christmas together last night as well birthday of the host Salman Khan. The housemates had a huge interaction with the actor; and the “Bigg Boss 9” contestants just love it and had a best gala time this weekend. The entry of the birthday boy was cherry on the cake and it was Salman celebrated 50th birthday inside the house with the contestants. The “Bajrangi Bhaijaan” actor also played fun task with the contestants as he was all in festive mood.

Except Priya, Rochelle and Kishwer, all other contestants of BB9 house are nominated.

Double Trouble Room Task Nomination Bigg Boss 9 28th Dec 2015 Episode Written Update

Bigg Boss 9 28th December 2015 Episode

Salman also discuss about the week with them and also some point he helped in getting clear. He also grilled with the topic that Suyyash won the captaincy task without any effort so it is Suyyash who will be yet to take some responsibilities.

Now being captain of the house in the “Bigg Boss 9” he has to take all the blames on him. Reportedly, now if anyone in the house breaks the rule of “Bigg Boss” it will be captain’s Suyyash responsibility to take the punishment.

Actually Suyyash won captaincy task without any effort so it will his responsibilities to do all the works. Let’s see is Suyyash will be getting punishment for the mistakes done by other housemates.

Let’s talk about tonight episode of Day 78: in which Suyyash will be telling that he is going to return Mandy’s Bag because he can’t see any change but his girlfriend Kishwer is seen disagreed with Suyyash.

It will shown that Prince supported Suyyash’s decision while Kishwer told that it might not change her behavior but Kishwar will be also saying to Prince and Suyyash if they wants to support Mandy they can.

Nora will be also becoming captain today and after winning the captain title she said that Prince is influencing Captain’s decision. Prince did not like that so some arguments yet to take place. Also some shouts happened between Keith & Rochelle as Rochelle alleged Keith of encouraging Mandana as Keith listens Mandana’s point of view.

Rishabh also criticized Mandana that she was successful in pulling Prince to her side as a part of her strategy long back but most of the housemates of the “Bigg Boss 9” house went against Mandana for Mandana beaks laws of the house.

Also a new task introduced today “Sevak” in which some participants’ have to perform like the “Sevak” but Kishwar refused from doing the “Sevak” task as she feels unsafe with Mandana around.

Gradually, nominations for the eviction took place in which the participants which includes Nora, Prince, Suyyash, Keith, Rishabh & Mandana are Nominated for Eviction in this week. Meanwhile Kishwer, Priya & Rochelle are safe.