Dr V.S. Prakash: 6000 gauges but only 300 measure rain in Karnataka

Bengaluru: 6,000 rain gauges were installed across the Karnataka state by the India Meteorological Department, but the data from these rain gauges is not being considered in presenting a scientific report on water availability in the Cauvery basin to either the Cauvery Monitoring Committee or the Central Water Commission for a fair assessment on water sharing among Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.


Former Special Director of Karnataka State Natural Disaster Monitoring Center – Dr V.S. Prakash said that the data presented before these authorities is sketchy and collected from only 300 rain gauges which were installed earlier by India Meteorological Department.

Last week, Karnataka Government had decided to release water of Cauvery river, as in the wake of Supreme court order, protests intensified in the state and farmers blocked the Bengaluru – Mysuru highway.

Farmers of the Karnataka state protest against the release of water of Cauvery river to Tamil Nadu because they thought that they did not have sufficient water for the irrigation and drinking.

But the Chief Minister of Karnataka said that all efforts would be made to provide drinking water and supply water for crops in the state. Chief Minister also requested to farmers to maintain peace and normalcy in the state and not cause any damage to private and public property of the state.