Dramatic Water Pipe Explosion In Mumbai Sends Bolero Up In The Air

A dramatic and a thespian mobile phone footage from Mumbai going viral which display that an SUV being flung up in the air post an underground water pipe burst, sending thousands of liters of water and sewage overflowing in the Mumbai streets.

Dramatic Water Pipe Explosion In Mumbai Sends Bolero Up In The Air

A video shared on the YouTube by news agency ANI captures the exact moment when the tremendous force of the water hit the Mahindra Bolero nearly 10-feet up in the air. It is good, luckily, no injuries were reported.

AS per the ANI, the water pipeline burst in north-west Mumbai’s neighborhood of Borivali.

The viral footage display that the residents of the neighborhood gingerly making their way via the ankle-deep water which is also an attempt to try and move their vehicles to the dry side.

As water comes out with a massive force, suddenly, a white Bolero is flung up in the air – which left everyone’s shock and stunned.

As per the Hindustan Times, the water shot up and hit to goes on up to the height of at least two floors.

The video display the stunned Mumbaikars out on the streets is now appearing at the fountain of water spewing out of the pipeline.

Several people are seen recording videos and taking pictures of this extraordinary sight on their mobile phones and cameras.

As per one of the leading media portal Asian Age, the incident happened on the last Tuesday at around 1 AM and at least three other vehicles parked nearby were damaged because of the pipe burst.

Disturbingly, the pipeline burst reportedly left a consequence in the wastage of just about and around 36,000 litres of water.

On the last Wednesday, The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) repaired the 72-inch water pipeline by; reports come from the Hindustan Times, famous media portal.

The very akin incident also happened in the Ukrainian capital Kiev in 2017. Surveillance cameras caught the accurate moment an underground water pipe dramatically burst.

This immense explosion sent cars flying in the air and this one is the reason for some major damage to property in the vicinity anyway.

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