Dress Code Alert! How to Dress-up For the Upcoming JEE Advanced

Recently, on the day of NEET 2019, the dress code came as a shocker to several students around the country. Many students felt harassed because of how aggressive authorities were with the dress code. CBSE’s extreme anti-cheating act got students by the storm. It left students humiliated, and parents were fuming with anger. With students already stressed out because of this important exam, the dress code ‘adjustments’ only added to the woes. There were reports of absurd incidents throughout the country.


Now, with the JEE Advanced around the corner, it is only natural for students to be questioning the new dress ‘norms.’ Students are already neck down in JEE Advanced Preparation, and this new, unexpected dress code has only added to their stress.

There is a lot of confusion after the recent episode on the day of NEET exam, and students are especially worried about how to dress up for JEE Advanced.

Here are some tips for candidates appearing for the JEE Advanced exam.

Since the NEET exam came as a shocker for students even before seeing the question paper, the anxiety of engineering aspirants is entirely justifiable. Here are things to avoid on the day of JEE Advanced exam.

Avoid Wearing Full Sleeves

During this year’s NEET examination, there were reports of sleeves being stripped off to check for paper and students who would cheat. Wear half sleeved shirts and loose clothes.

Avoid Wearing Jewelry

Anything metal can catch theeye of authorities because it is electrically conductive. Avoid wearing jewelry, necklace, or even bangles.

Avoid Wearing Super Short Clothes

With the recent case of NEET examination, it is advisable to avoid wearing short clothes. It will also keep you less distracted.

Avoid Wearing Tight Clothes

Since one of the biggest reason for the Dress-Code check on the day of NEET exam was that candidates were wearing tight clothes. It made authorities suspicious because it could lead to students hiding papers under clothing.

Avoid Dark Colors

The heat wave across India is getting intense day by day; it is advisable to avoid dark colored clothing. Dark colors absorb more heat, which can lead to dehydration and headaches. Wear a light color and make sure you wear cotton to maximum protection against heat.

Avoid Wearing Shoes

Shoes can conceal papers and other means of cheating which may look suspicious to authorities. If the authorities check your shoes or ask you to remove them before the exam, it will add to stress and may even waste your time. Don’t wear heels at all.

No Electronic Gadget

Don’t bring any electronic gadget to the examination center. Mobile phones, calculators, smart watches, and anything that can arouse suspicion is big – NO and are prohibited in the examination center.

JEE Advanced is already a very competitive exam, and most students are quite stressed at this point. To avoid stress further, make sure you follow the tips mentioned above. Dress appropriately, and avoid short and tight clothes. It is imperative for students to be composedduring the preparation window. On the day of the exam, it becomes essential for students to focus and not get washed down by trivial things. For now, focus on your JEE Advanced Preparation and remain calm. Remember, the authorities can physically frisk you. Cooperate, staycool and make sure you do not get bothered. Reach well before time, and ahead of your schedule. Carry important documents and double check before leaving home. Think of your exam and concentrate on what’s next!