Drinking and Sex Could be linked, What parents can do for their children

Drinking and Sex Could be linked, What parents can do for their children: A research shows that there is a link between Drinking and sex and they might have a connection. This might be dangerous for today’s generation kids who always want to be ahead in all the terms especially for the underage drinkers.

Alcohol and Sexual Risk Taking: What Parents Need to Know

A survey in the Journal of American College Health 2018 shows that sexual intercourse is least pleasant when one of the partner or both of them have been indulge drinking. Other research also shows that the use of alcohol tends to increase the rates of unprotected sexual intercourse. Whereas, according to Indiana University study in Bloomington states that the teens who start drinking in their early stage of life are attracted towards the sexual intercourse activities and are more likely to have their sexual encounter prior or before even reaching their adult age.

At the growing age of the children, parents need to take some primitive steps in order to prevent their children from any further risk. So here are some of the steps for the parents who need to know if they think their teenager might involve in such risk, let’s have a look ….

  • Friendly communicate with your teenager: 

As a parent, this is first step which everyone should follow and that is talking frankly with your teenagers. You should freely tell them about the risk and concern related with underage drinking as well as unprotected sex. You should tell them the consequences related to drinking and unprotected sex which might lead to sexual transmitted diseases and accidents. Don’t just impose the rules, be polite and try to know their perceptive too. It might be an uncomfortable topic for most of the parents but you need to be frank and bold while talking on such topics.

  • Peer pressure is very crucial:

The second step is to have a look on your children friends group. Various studies as well as various cases also revealed that due to peer pressure children adapt certain things which might not be good for them which lead to devastating consequences. You don’t have to spy around though just try to look around when your child is with his/her friends. Best thing you can do is to invite them over your home and talk with them this will give you a clear idea about what’s happening in your child’s life. If you notice any sign of bullying, immediately share your concern to your child’s educational institution or school and have a polite conversation with your child in order to understand what’s the actual matter is.

  • Instead of controlling, give them advices: 

The third step is to just give advice to your children don’t just impose your rules to them; this might take a negative turn in their life instead of positive ones. Forcing your teenager to behave the way you want to, is a big no as it might likely get a backfire. Instead, make sure you talk to them on regular basis and communicate your views as advice and not just a demand. Keep all ways of communication open to them so that they don’t hesitate while talking on such topics with you.

  • Teach them from News or Incidents:

The fourth step for the parents is to teach their teenagers from day to day incidents happening in our surrounding. You could teach your children about what’s wrong and what’s right. You could teach him/her and make them imagine what happens when you indulge in such activities and what could be its negative outcome. Tell them how things could have been different if the convict had acted in a different way and could have avoided the circumstances.