Why Do Students Use Such Drugs as Adderall or Ritalin for Writing Their College Papers?

Education is becoming even more complicated as people now have to balance work, extra-curricular activities, and a job, all while remaining sociable and friendly to everyone. It can be exhausting, and can lead to situations where people have not yet studied for exams or essays which are due that very day. The normal route would be for that student to go and ask for an extension, and then to accept whatever consequences came with that, and also to cut down on their other obligations. Unfortunately, it isn’t so simple, and so more and more students are turning towards what are now called ‘study drugs’ to make up the deficit.


These ‘study drugs’ are normally stimulants such as Adderall and Ritalin – people who use them do so because they are supposed to help with mental clarity and focus. These drugs are normally prescribed to children and adults who have either Attention Deficit Disorder or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder respectively; taking them without a prescription solely to help in writing college papers is something which is highly dangerous, not to mention illegal. According to the most recent research, up to one in five people are now thought to have used ‘study drugs’ at some point, to help give them energy for work.

Using Study Drugs

While there has a been a rise in the number of people who will pay someone to write their paper for them, there has a been a concordant rise in the number of people who will do the work themselves, but will use illegal means to do it. Despite the risks, and despite the illegal nature of their activities, many people are using drugs which are normally used to treat ADD and ADHD to help give them what they feel is an edge over others when it comes to their education.

Reasons Behind: Stress

As has been said, life in education is not easy, and it is rapidly becoming more stressful due to ever-increasing course loads, and the need to work to supplement tuition fees. One way to counteract this, and to have more time when it comes to writing your college paper is to take Adderall or Ritalin to give you more energy, and allow you to stay up all night fulfilling your educational obligations, while also remaining up-to-date with everything else as well. Stress is something which people might think will be eased by the use of such prescription drugs, especially when coffee and other (legal) stimulants have ceased to have any similar effects.

Lack of Time

People who use either ‘study drug’ for legitimate reasons have reported that the demand for these drugs goes up during periods when lack of time is a problem – finals week, for example, is a time when many people want the extra edge that they think ‘study drugs’ give them. Finals week is a time when sleep is usually in short supply, because people have to attend exams while continuing to study for other ones, so it makes sense that people who are already inclined to use these types of drugs for extra help would turn to them again now.

The Effects

According to the people who use Ritalin and Adderall, they really do work for helping them to concentrate on specific tasks. Using any drug outside of the stated boundaries for it is dangerous, of course, but research has said that these drugs in particular can cause crashes in people who are unused to them, and addiction in people who are. Nevertheless, people say that the effects of both ‘study drugs’ give them increased concentration abilities, the ability to focus, and clarity of thought which is better than they would otherwise have had, either on their own or with the aid of more normal stimulants.

Ease of Access

More and more people are being prescribed both Ritalin and Adderall, since there is incontrovertible evidence to suggest that it helps people with certain conditions. This means that there are more opportunities for somebody to get hold of the drug they want or need for the completion of their own work. There is apparently now a lot of pressure within educational institutions on people who have legitimate prescriptions to either give or sell their medicine to other students, so that they can reap the supposed benefits for their own lives.


Students today, rather than using such sites as to write their essays for them, are now turning to ‘study drugs’ in the form of Ritalin and Adderall to help them gain an edge in concentration and focus when it comes to their work. This rise of drug taking is partly due to the changes which have happened in education, which have left students feeling like they have no recourse but to turn to illegal drugs to help them keep up with all the demands which are placed on them. Ritalin and Adderall have come to be used so much because of a variety of reasons, some of which were discussed in this article.