Dulari Warns kanak! Ishq Ka Rang Safed 1st March 2016 Written Updates

Dulari Warns kanak! Ishq Ka Rang Safed 1st March 2016 Written Updates :- In the love story soap opera “Ishq Ka Rang” the twists and turns are over loaded and the melodrama is the TV series gigantic one. As we all know already that after marriage Dhani and Viplav are living part as nobody knows about their marriage in the family.

Ishq Ka Rang Safed dulari

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 1st March 2016 Written Updates

Now all new twists are turn happening in the house, in which Dhani is getting too much disturbed with the happening of Raja and his coming marriage with Viplav’s sister. Now Raja keeps flirting with Viplav’s sister and also gives her compliment. In short Raja is on process to impress Viplaav’s sister.

In the mean time, Viplav is following his promise to meet Dhani daily and to have a meal with him. Dhani was sitting with Viplav and at that time Dhani’s mother comes and asks with whom you were talking. Dhani avoid her mother being giving reply.

In tonight episode of the “Ishq Ka Rang Safed” it will be shown find that Viplav’s mother will insult Dhani by moving to Ashram. Viplav’s mother will visit there and say to Dhani’s mother that your daughter moves to hotels after moving out of Ashram and she doesn’t tells you all about her this activity and she is just manipulating you all.

Now Dhaani’s mother will be getting angry now Dhani’s mother will get angry as Viplav’s mother called Dhaani a loos character. She also said that if you ever say wrong thing about Dhani’s character we will not spare you as we already know that Dhani is the right and I’m prideful that she is my daughter.

She also said that I doesn’t cares what you are saying about my daughter as I know already that my daughter is correct and she can’t do any shamed work like this.

As everyone is unaware of Dhani and Viplav’s marriage so it will be interesting to watch what will be happening next. So stay tuned for more updates.