Dussehra Bikaner: An artist playing role of Hanuman in Ramleela dies while performing

Bikaner: On Tuesday, an artist playing the role of Hanuman in Ramleela dies. He died after getting injured while enacting a scene in Bikaner, Rajasthan. Deceased Dhanna Ram Jaat (30) got critical injured after fell from the height of 50 feet. Immediately, he was taken to hospital, but he died in the way.


He performed his act in the Ramleela which is happening near the hanuman Mandir, Bikaner, Rajasthan. The deceased was performing a act to save Laxman and went for ‘Sanjeevani Buti’. To perform this stunt, they used a rope to lift the hanuman in the air but unfortunately the rope broke up and Dhanna Ram Jaat as Hanuman fell off from the height of 50 feet and got serious injured. He died in the way to the Hospital.

Ramleela is celebrating across the country. First of all, The artists of Ramleela undergo of a training to perform in the Ramleela. But this training did not help Dhanna Ram. The life leela of Dhanna Ram Jaat ended in the Ramleela.