National Eat a Red Apple Day 2018: How to Celebrate on 01 December

National Eat a Red Apple Day 2018: How to Celebrate on 01 December: We all are aware that fruits are the main source of a lot of vitamins in our body. It is important to have them and always enjoy them because they are the big part of our life. Also, we all have heard of “An Apple a Day, Keeps the Doctor Away”. Now, we might don’t take it easy but it is really a right thing to do. You all should at least try to eat an Apple a day. We think that this fruit is very rich and one of the most healthy fruits of our planet.

Eat a Red Apple Day 2018

Now, we don’t know what comes up in your mind when we talk about an apple. We are expecting that you are in love with this fruit. You all might remember Apple as a Red Delicious fruit with engrained in our minds as what an apple look likes, that if you ask a child to draw an apple, without question it’s going to be the red crayon they reach for. Yes! Even though Apple is here and we all love it but a red apple is quite common because it is very tasty and healthy.

If you might be wondering about the day then you all should know that Eat A Red Apple Day exists, to celebrate this iconic member of the apple family and its history. Now, you all should know that the American was in love with the Apple development after the travels of Johnny Appleseed. You all should know that till 1800’s apple trees were everywhere in an amazing rainbow of delicious variety. Some of you might know that Apple is very healthy and it was famous because of its ability to handle rough growing conditions and its ability to keep a long time.

So you all should know that the apple varieties were being developed as a response to the ease of transporting apples on a commercial level around the US. You all might want to know that the Red Apple was one of those developed varieties and people loved it because it was tasty and healthy. Red Delicious held its position as the most popular apple in the world well into the 1980s, when its popularity began to decline.  Overall, to increase its popularity the world started to celebrate this festival in big manners.