Eat Bulaga KalyeSerye AlDub 3rd October Episode Details

Eat Bulaga KalyeSerye AlDub 3rd October Episode Details : Wow..!! As we all know that Twitter poses one its highest records of views that is 25.6 millions views on a single post which is the the most famous and fabulous record of views found at Twitter. Today a new milestone is just to be made by one of the most trending and most demanded update over twitter. Yes we are talking about the most amazing show Eat Bulaga KalyeSerye AlDub.

Eat Bulaga KalyeSerye AlDub 3rd October Episode Details

Eat Bulaga KalyeSerye AlDub 3rd October Episode

The show which is itself like a revolution and crosses millions of views in just few hours of its telecast of each and every show. In today’s episode i.e. on 3rd October’s episode we will see Yaya Dub wills see Alden at Eat Bulaga Studio.

The latest and fresh flicks with a number of retweets will be there when Yaya Dub, Lola Nidora, and rest of the team members visit Eat Bulaga studio where the rest of the gang – Alden Richards, Tito, Vic, Joey, and the others like you will be there.

Officials reports that there were more than 43,000 tweets per minute on twitter when Alden visited Yaya at mansion. This episode somehow promotes the Smart Cellular Service Talk N Text. To make special plans for Saturday into a reality they have planned to launch the promo of Talk N Text and to grace its promotions.

“#ALDUBmeetsTVJ…” this is the trending and the famous hashtag for this episode. As we all known that this how is too much demanded in today’s twitter world. One can find the proof of this by having a look over hashtags for the previous week. Which brooked the record of highest hashtags of Twitter.

People are viewing single episode twice and thrice and sometimes even more than that which shows the popularity of the show and the craze of the show among the public. This things helped the show to in making the highest hashtags achiever on Twitter.

It seems that the show will lead to beat the record 23.6 million views and will definitely be able to leave a history on Twitter. We all mare excited for the next episode and we all seeks some cool and classic updates for that so we are here helped you ion that and will be in a tradition to do the same so for having a view over breakage of record stay tuned with us. Keep visiting. Keep enjoying.