Eicher Motors ‘Intra-City’ Electric Bus Launching Soon In India | Eco-Friendly

Eicher Motors Intra-City Electric Bus Launching Soon In India | Eco-Friendly:- Homegrown commercial vehicle maker Eicher Motors is now working on this electric bus, this is one of the offings from the manufacturer and this is all set to come in the news in this forthcoming months. This is the Eicher Motors which is planning to cater to in the intra-city travels.

Homegrown commercial vehicle maker Eicher Motors has disclosed that is all set to soon will be seen taking the electric route and that is also the commercial offerings.


Throwing light on the sidelines of the launch of its new truck Homegrown commercial vehicle is touted as its various kinds of the car for the own e-commerce industry.

Homegrown commercial vehicle is having some key elements which include, VE Commercial Vehicles (VECV), Executive Vice President – Light & Medium Duty Trucks and Buses, Shyam Maller told that this is a kind of automobile device.

The Homegrown commercial vehicle is technically working on an electric bus for the urban markets which are all set to cater to intra-city needs.

Without revealing further details on the project, Maller said that this is a model Homegrown commercial is currently under development and it is all set to declare very soon.

Homegrown commercial comes with a major push towards electric mobility and this is yet declared by the government and the VECV is also became the latest manufacturer of the device Homegrown commercial.

It is also joined the big league of the automobile gadget as the Homegrown commercial offer something new and unusual to the automobile lovers.

VECV is a joint project and venture between Volvo Trucks and Eicher Motors and this two automobile also joined with each other you can say collaborating for the technology sharing and over manufacturing cause.

Maller said on explaining and putting light on these electric plans, that Eicher has the technology for electric vehicles thanks to its association with Volvo which is looking at the right time where this device will be also introduced.

In India also the electric buses also arrive into action recently which is in a bid to help so that pollution and cost will be reduced.

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The Goldstone-BYD became the first CV manufacturer to which introduce electric buses in the whole nation and it also retailing buses on the Manali-Rohtang route, at the same time this is recently the company delivered six buses to the Mumbai BEST services.

Volvo is on the other side, in Navi Mumbai has been running its hybrid (diesel+electric) buses on selective routes from the last year.

Eicher’s move is a strong sign of manufacturers which is also welcoming the push for electric vehicles.

As now currently the Eicher Motors has been commanding a strong market share for the medium duty and lights (LMD) vehicles. Throwing light on the plans of entering the focus to the Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) space, is now currently dominated by the Tata Motors and Mahindra, Maller stated about the Eicher is right now has no immediate plans for this issue.

But company Eicher Motors will be all set to explore electrification in this segment also now.

Though, the company Eicher Motors will be also looking at the better support from the government which is all set to bring the electric dream to execution.

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Elaborating on the same, Maller stated, ‘It will be lower GST levied on electric vehicles that will also help to reduce the procurement cost that will automatically drive sales for EVs’.

Eicher also spoke about the sourcing batteries from Indian manufacturers, said that it open to the idea regarding the automobile gadget.

Though, it strictly depends upon the economies of scale which can be achieved that would be mean a more uniform design of batteries for the motor vehicle.

In the meantime, Eicher Motors is also looking to combine and merges its position in the LMD space that will be too working on the improvement and updating its current range to BS-VI.

The company is said that this technology is the little complex for the BS-IV engines that is also going to roll out the updated version and the updated technology will be obviously more efficient for the Homegrown commercial vehicle that will be much ahead and all set to come on the deadline of April 2020.