Elisabeth Kieselstein Cord Hamm Death Reason Passed Away At 40 Artist And NY Socialite

The breaking and sad news of this hour is that one of the most famed socialites and artists named Elisabeth Kieselstein Cord Hamm passed away at the age of just 41 years old. She was from Southhampton and the confirmation of her death was stated by her family member who stated that the death of the artist happened on 29th August 2021 on Sunday. The actual and real reason for the death of the artist is still not revealed but it is speculated that she was suffering from harsh diseases for a very long time which becomes the reason for her death. The family and the colleagues of the artist still have not come with an official statement regarding the reason for her death but they will surely reveal the information about death very soon. The news of her death goes viral all over the internet and many of her fans along with her colleagues started paying tribute to the artist through many mediums.

Elisabeth Kieselstein Cord Hamm Death Reason Passed Away At 40 Artist And NY Socialite

Talking about who is Elisabeth Kieselstein Cord Hamm then she was the daughter of luxury and jewellery goods designer named Barry Kieselstein Cord and the popular and talented socialite-artist named Cece Kieselstein Cord. She tied the knot with the filmmaker named Ted Hamm and the couple had no children. She served herself as an artist with musician and also she was a model and also she was nominated for the Oscar for her 1997 film named ‘Deconstructing Harry’ which is directed by Woody Allen. Apart from this she was featured in several shows and television reality shows and was the favourite of their fans

After her death, the father of the deceased named Barry Kieselstein Cord grieved the death to her daughter that his whole family is in a shocking state after the death of their loved one who left them at an early age and for all of them this is really a tough time and they wants some space.  As per the statement of her father who stated about the reason for her death that the artist was suffered from a disease for a very long time and he stated that she was suffered from Lyme Disease with facing various difficulties from the disease. It is assumed that this becomes the exact and real reason for her death.

Now, the sad and heart whelming news is that she is no more with us and all the popular faces and personalities started giving tribute and homage to the star through several mediums and paid condloscnce to her family for facing this tough time. This is really heartbreaking news for all the fans of the star who also paid homage to her and we also pay tribute to the star and may her soul rest in peace.

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