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Anupama 31st May 2023 Written Update: Anupama’s Befitting Reply To Maaya And Vanraj

In this article, we will share a written update of the Anupama serial. Ankush warns Adhik to behave with him as he is elder than him in both age, relationship, and position. Adhik asks where are Anuj and Anupama, everyone is upset because of them. Ankush says it means Maaya, Barkha, and Vanraj are upset; he can just say that Anuj and Anupama are together but will not reveal where they are. Dimpy thinks it’s her wedding today and she is awake the whole night because of Anuj and Anupama, she will never forgive them. Vanraj says it has been morning and there is no news about Anuj and Anupama. Maaya says she doesn’t know where they are. Anuj and Anupama walk in saying they are here. Maaya fears that Anupama revealed everything to Anupama. Vanraj thinks about what they must have discussed for so long. Anupama says why they are many calls, and what happened. Barkha says they are worried for them. Anupama asks for a reason. Vanraj says he was worried for them. Anuj asks who is he to worry for. Vanraj says this because his parents and children were worried for them.


Maaya asks what were they doing the whole night. Anupama says they were having a discussion. Maaya asks what kind of discussion. Anupama says personal discussion between a husband and wife can’t be revealed to anyone. She apologizes to Hasmukh for not paying attention to the phone as they got lost in their thoughts. Anuj also apologizes to Hasmukh. Maaya shows her psychic behavior and asks Anuj why did he spend a whole night with Anupama, she will never let Anupama snatch him from her. Anuj asks her to calm down. Maaya continues accusing Anupama. Anupama says they can talk peacefully. Maaya shouts Anupama must have tried to lure Anuj with her crocodile tears and snatch him back. Anuj warns her to shut up. Vanraj questions Anuj about what he wanted to talk to Anupama, he left her suddenly and now is back, etc.

Anupama asks Vanraj who is he bothered. Anuj says he is bothered as his son’s wedding is getting affected, nobody is happy because of his irresponsible behavior, etc. Anupama asks who is he to interfere with between husband and wife and tells Maaya and everyone that they are husband and wife and nobody has the right to interfere between them and know what they discussed. She continues to tongue-lash everyone and warns Vanraj to dare not speak on her behalf as she can speak for herself.

She further warns Maaya that she is no one to interfere with and would gain Anuj with her evil tactics. She says she found out what happened 1 month back and everything is clear between her and Anuj now, Maaya’s act is putting Little Anu in trouble who is in fear always, etc. Anuj tells Vanraj that he knows Anupama has moved on and hence Vanraj shouldn’t be worried about her. Anupama says she is going to America and hence nobody should be worried from hereon. Barkha says now Anupama knows how important it is for Anuj to be with Maaya, thank god Anupama learned what happened 1 month ago. Anuj questions how does she know? Barkha gets tensed. For further information stay tuned with us.

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