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Anupama Today’s 18th September 2023 Written Update: Anupama Finds Malti Devi’s Son

We are coming back with new fresh episode of Anupama. The Anupama’s fans are eagerly waiting for today’s new episode of the Anupama show. In this article, we will give you Anupama’s 18th September 2023 written update. Today’s topic is “Vanraj gets worried for Baa and Babu ji”. The episode starts with Anupama. She thinks that everything is clear from the file and couldn’t look clear. She finds a 25000 receipt and suddenly she notices the word Ashram. She thinks maybe Guruma gave her son in the Ashram. She stops her from thinking like such words. She says first I need to find her son.


Kavya looks happy and says to her unborn baby you looked what Daadi says your mumma thank you. Kinjail feeding soup to Baa. Baa says to Kinjal that she does not want to eat soup. Baa desires to eat oily foods. Vanraj warns Baa to eat oli foods and tells Baa to eat healthy food. Anupama arrives at home. She entered the room and hid the file. Anuj wakes up and asks her where she is going. Anupama says I was gone to Gurukul for Guruma. She says I found a file suddenly Anuj coughs.

Anupama 18th September 2023 Written Update:

She says I received Kinjal’s call and she says Baa had fainted. Anuj says they have not told me. She says I also got information now. Anuj tells Anupama about the file. She says I found a very important Malti Devi’s son file. She says this is Maltii Davi’s son’s birth certificate. She says Malti Devi has a son. Anuj thinks therefore she always called me mine beta. Anupama says Malti Devi’s son is your age. Vanraj goes out from Baa and Babu Ji’s room. He checks Baa and Babu Ji’s breath. Baa suddenly wakes up and says to Vanraj you are thinking that we are dead.

He says I don’t know but I cannot leave without you. Baa says death is common one day we all die. Vanraj says stops Baa I don’t want to hear this. The next morning, Anupama performs a Tulsi puja and prays to god for Guruma’s son. Samar comes to Anupama and starts crying. He hugs Anupama. Samar tells her that Manoj is no more. He passed away in a road accident. He says Manoj wife’s is pregnant. How she will handle it without Manoj? She also prays to god for Manjo and Malti Devi’s son. Anupama shows a picture to Malti Devi. In the picture, Anupama and Malti Devi pray together. Listening to Anupama, Guruma starts remembering her past little by little.

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