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Anupama Today’s 20th September 2023 Written Update: Later Anupama packs the gifts

We are coming back with new fresh episode of the show Anupama. In this article, we will give you Anupama 20th September 2023 written update. Currenlty, this show is running with the number one TRP and increasing the popularity day by day. Today’s topic is “Anupama’s shocking discovery”. The episode starts with Anupama. She looks at Malti Devi and asks what are you doing outside your room? Malti Devi says I was feeling unable therefore I came out of the room but now the room is not found. Pakhi arrives there and says I will drop you to the room. Malti Devi looks at Anuj.


Anuj turns his face when Malti Devi goes with Pakhi. He asks Anupama what Malti Devi wants from me. Anuj says Anupama why you start doing dadagiri. Anupama says this is not dadagiri, its called Biwi grir. She asks him to finish all meetings fast today. Anupama says I’m going to give the cheque to the orphanage. She says Anuj I know you donate money on your birthday. Malti Devi asks Pakhi about the silver flowers. Pakhi says we are celebrating Buddy’s pending birthday. Malti Devi gets emotional. Mistakenly, Romil hits Adhik and says sorry to him.

Anupama 20th September 2023 Written Update

Adhik called Romil blind. Romil says once again sorry to Adhik. Adhik says you have made many mistakes. Adhik stops Romil from acting like innocent. Pakhi comes there and tries to stop Romil and Adhik’s fight. Pakhi says everything is fine. Choti Anu also joins and asks Pakhi about the game. Choti Anu says we also play games at the party. Pakhi says there are many games which we will play. Choti Anu says I want to join Romil Bhaiya’s team. Anupama is ready for the orphanage and she suddenly notices Malti Devi’s son’s photographs. She prays to god for Malti Devi’s son.

Choti Anu comes there and falls to the ground. Baa says they are celebrating Anuj’s birthday but as per Didi, his birthday arrives at Janmashtami. Baa wishes Anuj says Happy Birthday. Baa asks why my children do not understand my love. Anuj says I understand you totally. Anuj asks about Anupama. Barkha says Anu went to the orphanage. Anuj says she still has not come. A lady tells something to Anupama which leaves her in shock. They start part and Pakhi tells everyone about the game rules. They ask what the game name is. Pakhi explains the game name and rules. Malti Devi comes from the room and looks at Anuj.

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