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The Parcel is a recent release Bengali movie which is released at the box office. You must know that the movie is a great film but the timing of the release isn’t good due to the Coronavirus. Sources are saying that the movie is expected to make fine bucks for the makers but it has seen average occupancy in the morning shows. We don’t think that the film will make any big bucks for the makers.

The Parcel Movie Reviews & Ratings

You must know that the Parcel is a Bengali movie which is directed by Indrasis Acharya. As you all might already know that Indrasis Acharya won the Best Director award (Hiralal Sen Memorial) at the 25th Kolkata International Film Festival for the film Parcel. We are expecting that he will make fine bucks at the box office. It is a cool movie to watch out at the box office.

Story Based On-

Nandini and Souvik are a happily married couple with a teenage daughter. Until one day Nandini starts receiving parcels containing photographs of herself, both old and new. This creates tension in her family, as she begins to explore her past wrongdoings in order to find out who the sender is.

Positive Points of the movie-

  • This movie has good direction work.
  • Editing work is cool in the movie.
  • Screenplay work is fine in the movie.

Negative Points of the movie-

  • This movie has a weak production house.
  • Music Production work is poor in the movie.
  • The cinematography work is poor in the movie.

Watch or Not?

We are expecting that people are going to love this latest release. The content is amazing in the movie and the content is great quality-wise. People will love this new release at the box office and we found it strong one to watch out at the box office.

Final Verdict-

In the end, we aren’t expecting anything from the recent release Bengali movie The Parcel because of the Coronavirus. It is expected that the film will do average business at the box office and nobody is expected to enjoy this film.

  • The Parcel Movie Review & Ratings

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