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Bigg Boss 13 19th October 2019 Weekend Ka Vaar Episode: Salman Khan Disappoints on Ticket to Finale Task

Bigg Boss 13 19th October 2019 Weekend Ka Vaar Episode: Salman Khan Disappoints on Ticket to Finale Task: Here the Bigg Boss Season 11 19th October 2019 Written updates and here we’re giving you information about latest tasks, Fights, and much more and for this, you have to read this Full Article. Abu Malik played very well in yesterday’s challenge to save from eviction but unfortunately Bigg Boss canceled it in the end. In fact, Abu has gained people’s sympathy for withstanding the torture or treatment provided by female contestants like Rashami, Arti and Shehnaaz. But voting was closed before this episode was aired and since he is the one with the least percentage of Vote he will be leaving the house.

At 8:00 AM-

The Bigg Boss plays the song and everyone wakes up and dance also, the Shehnaz and Siddhart D starts dancing in Jail.

At 11:30 AM-                   

Shehnaz is doing exercise in Jail and trying to do some steps, Siddhart said you’re cute and flexible you don’t have to do all these things you’re fit but Shehnaz said she is trying to be hot and act like Shefali Bagga.

At 12:30 PM-

Bigg Boss announces and gives order to Devoleena that she will open Jail gate and free Shehnaz and Siddhart D from the jail, their punishment is over now.

At 2:30 PM-

The Bigg Boss gives them a task to save two boys from Nomination and Paras read the task in this task Nominated Boys Divided into a team, team A is Siddhart D and Team B is Abu and Asim. In the first segment, one team is sitting on the chair and girls have the power to choose their favorite team and irritate another team to leave the game if another team stands from the chairs before the buzzer shouts then the first team wins the task and they get safe from the Nomination.

So, all the girls are ready to make their favorite team win the task and support them by Irritate another team. Shehnaz, Aarti are supporting Abu and Asim in the task and they both are trying so hard for Siddhart D and Paras to leave this task.

At 3:00 PM-

Aarti is trying to Irritate Paras and rub shaving Cream in his Body, Paras throw her and she gets hurts. After this, she goes into the Bedroom and starts crying and said Paras hurt her but Devoleena comes and said it was by Mistake he never does these things by the mind but Aati said now she will show him the real Aarti and he has to leave the chair. Aarti shouts on Paras but Maira stands for Paras and trying to save him from the ligation, Aarti said to Maira that she doesn’t know he hurt him but Maira said it was a mistake and if you’re standing in his head then he has to throw you.

Bigg Boss 11 Weekend Ka Vaar Eliminated Contestants-

In this week in Bigg Boss house you have seen so much Drama and Arguments and there are many new relationships which are starting now but the relation gets so much Complicated in Nomination and you all know that By wins Nomination task Paras Chabra and Siddhart D is safe now, and in boys Asim and Abu Malik is Nominated so we will see that which one gets eliminated from the house.

Also, the Salman Khan come tonight with Double elimination surprise and we will see that what Reaction Housemates give after this dibble elimination round?

At 4:00 PM-

Aarti is irritating Siddhart D but Siddhart D hit her by Towel and throw her back, Bigg Boss stop the task and said no one is allowed to be Physical in this house but Siddhart D said she was throwing Spices in my eyes, it was Dangerous for him. After this Siddhart D uses bad words for Aarti and said they all are do anything to win this task.

At 5:30 PM-

Shehnaz and SIddhart D start Fighting because when Shehnaz is trying to pull him from the chair he uses bad words for him and the fights gets begins. In this task Siddhart D is using so many bad words to girls he said bad words to Aarti, Shehnaz and Rashmi and all the girls trying to throw him from this house.

At 9:30 PM-

Bigg Boss announced that Paras Chabra and Siddhart D wins the task and gets safe from the elimination also, Abu and Asim get eliminated for the weekend and we will see that who will get eliminated from the house? In “Sultani Akhada” which two contestants show their physical ability and win the medal also, who will be the next villain of the house? Salman Khan comes with many new surprises in Weekend Ka Vaar and we will see that one guest is also, come on the show and make the night more precious