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Bigg Boss: Will Salman Khan Leave Hosting in Next Season?

Bigg Boss takes a toll on Salman Khan’s health; family warns him to quit to show: It is being told after year and year that Salman Khan would quit hosting Bigg Boss, and it seems that the time has come now. How the hoster of this show who is also the superstar of the Bollywood film industry was coping-up the meager behavior of the contestants who are living in the house of the Bigg Boss and also he wanted  Colors Tv to let him quit from this show from many years.

Bigg Boss takes a toll on Salman Khan’s health; family warns him to quit to show

You have read right! That Salman Khan is all set to get ready for leaving the hosting on this show and will not be seen again while hosting. Tired of the negativity on the show, Salman Khan has finally decided to quit the show and will not be back for the next season.

Just a few days back, on Weekend Ka Vaar, Salman Khan had said that he fears for his reputation by indulging in the negative behavior of the housemates and now, the latest we hear is that the show is taking a toll on Salman Khan’s health. Not just that, even his family does not want him to be associated with the show anymore.

As per such sources, Salman Khan has recovered from a health issue called Trigeminal Neuralgia, which doesn’t allow him to get very angry as it will disturb his nerves. But every week, one or the other participant is getting on to his nerves, which is not good for Salman’s health. Hence, this is certainly the last season of the show that he will be hosting. He has been wanting to quit for a few seasons now, but somehow the channel and the production house keep getting him back.

And Also The are texting about the show that “yes this show is getting extensive TRP and it usually gets But after stretching further five weeks are too reproached which making this show a DAILY SOUP which it should not be. It is inescapable for knowing that Farah Khan was selected for hosting the further five weeks which has been stretched.  

But the show now took the turn after knowing that Salman Khan is going to quit this show due to his medical issue which can be lethal if he goes to host this show some more.