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Chandrakanta 4th November 2017 Written Updates Episode: Veer stabs Chandrakantha

Chandrakanta 4th November 2017 Written Updates Episode: Veer stabs Chandrakantha: -COLORS TV most remarkable entertaining program, “Chandrakanta” looks like a singularly unique show, which gives the tremendous voltage potential that provides to the Chandrakanta supporters.

Chandrakanta 4th November 2017 Written Updates

The fabulous TV series “Chandrakanta” frequently made to give goosebumps to the spectators with its never-ending primary way and make the basic crux of the present is to showcase in the freshest episodes that, Where Chandrakantha comes there and she gets for ways to the Hirnasur to that kill him. After that, Hirnasur comes there and he hits to the Veer furthermore there the Veer downfall in face of Kaalimaa’s heels. Then, the Kaalimaa comes that to moves toward the Veer and the Hirnasur leaves there. Kaalima holds to recognizing Veer and turns back to Chandrakantha.

Where In the latest episode, Where Chandrakantha comes in front of the Veer furthermore she tells that, she needs to determine him anything relevant. where Drunk Veer that neglects Chandrakantha. However Chandrakantha gets there and she replies to the Veer, she understands that who is beast Hirnasur moreover who is dominating him and he is definitely that too, Hirnasur reveals that, himself in reflector catching Umang and also that give the advice to shoot him.

However, Iravathi gets there and she questions that, what she needs to that tell however she needs to take her violations and will remain there and her prized one and that will expire. On the other side, where the Chandrakantha comes there and she notes the speculum, exactly Hiransur’s picture goes.

After that, Chandrakantha believes that she shot her mother and father also that is commanding the Hirnasur. While Iravathi gives the plans that shield to use for the Chandrakantha to the prison. Then, Chandrakantha grips the Vishnuji’s beloved flower on the desk and then she leaves there. Finally, Umang as diminutive the crimes While Hirnasur and Hirnasur violently launch the Umang in the sky and approaches to deliver him of the platform that into the forest.

On the other side where the Tej concludes to the Veer furthermore he tells that, he discovered the Chandrakantha that she admitted her misconduct, makes he believe she can do that either is working to defend him.