Damayanthi 4th Day Box Office Collection Total Fourth Day (Monday) Worldwide Earning

Damayanthi 4th Day Box Office Collection Total Fourth Day (Monday) Worldwide Earning: Kannada, Tamil, & Malayalam movie Damayanthi is released today at the box office. You must know that it is an awesome movie to watch out at the box office and the content is good in the movie. The viewers are coming out to watch this movie in very good numbers and the screenplay work is really awesome on it. Damayanthi is receiving great reviews from the critics and word of mouth is coming out positive for the movie.

Damayanthi 4th Day Box Office Collection

You must know that Damayanthi is a horror film which is directed by Navarasan. Also, the music in the movie is composed by Ganesh Narayan. You all can see Radhika Kumaraswamy in the main leading roles. Also, you are going to see Anusha Rai, Nakshatra Srinivas, Sharan Ulthi, Sadhu Kokila, and Tabla Nani in the supporting roles. It is an interesting movie with everything so perfect on it. You all are going to love the Damayanthi due to good production work.

Damayanthi Box Office Collection

The movie is doing great business at the box office and has made around 0.50 Cr from the very first day of release. Also, the reports are coming that the film has collected around 0.90 Cr from the second day of release. We are expecting that the movie will keep on doing good business at the box office as it has amazing content. Damayanthi will make you all amazed and it has everything so cool.

Damayanthi is an awesome movie to watch out at the box office. The viewers can watch this one with friends and family. Also, the storyline of the movie revolves around years after her entire family is brutally murdered for inheritance by the vicious Bhyra and his cohorts, Damayanthi returns to exact revenge on those who wronged her. Directed by Navarasan, the horror-comedy thriller features Radhika Kumaraswamy in the titular role.

Damayanthi will do great business at the box office in a slow run. You must know that it is released in various languages so we think it will collect good money from all the languages. You must know that the earning reports which are given above are approx and not exact. We have talked to the cinema theaters and they have given the idea of earning reports mentioned above.

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