Darlings 3rd / 4th Day Box Office Collection Second Day Hit or Flop Total Earnings Report

You all know about the new movie with the famous actress Alia Bhatt, “Darlings”. This movie was released recently and got so much engagement because of its story, romance, drama, etc. If you want to know the box office collection of his movies, then it is quite difficult or even impossible to tell because this movie was not released in theatres. But do not worry, as this movie was released on the OTT platform, we will try to tell you according to its views on the OTT platform. So, if you want to know more about it, then stay connected to this article and keep reading it, we will try to update you on everything you want to know about it.

darlings box office collection

As per the reports came from the sources, this movie “Darlings” was sold to Netflix at around Rs 75 Crores as recorded. Netflix often offers more amount because it releases its content all over the world but we will assume its collection by seeing the views in India only. In its first week of release, the “Darling”, is divined that it got almost 65 to 75 lakhs views on Netflix and this was recorded on Monday. This is not much good and even though we can say that this movie is going to be a hit, now this is average.

Darlings Box Office Collection

There are a lot of people who are watching it and the counting of the views is still ongoing, most probably it reached 1 crore next week. But right now we are talking about its international views, as per the reports, most probably it crossed 10 million views on it and this is huge. As we said, Darlings has not been released in the theatres so we are not able to measure whether it is hit or flopped but according to views, it is going to be hit soon.

There are so many people who are saying that it is a good movie and worthy to watch while some are saying it’s an average movie. According to IMDB, the ratings of this movie are 6.8 out of 10 which is pretty good. there are almost more than 1500 people who voted for it. We suggest you watch this movie and decide own that how this movie is. We hope this information or content was helpful for you and if you want more updates and information regarding this movie “Darlings”, then always stay connected to us here.

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