Bigg Boss 13

Farah Khan To Replace Salman Khan As Bigg Boss 13 Host?

Farah Khan To Replace Salman Khan As Bigg Boss 13 Host?: It is Surmised that Salman Khan is reportedly going to quit the most popular and stupendous show Bigg Boss 13. As we have seen the extensive controversy among the contestants who are living into the Bigg Boss house, If it comes to that they brawl daily without having any main concept or reason on which they are brawling to one of the each other, The same formula they use for illegally dropping the task for the next time.

As we have seen the pandemonium of the Biggboss contestant during their task, if it comes to that we have seen the Train Task where the contestants were seen as vandalizing the assets of the Bigg Boss house and also they have shown their chaos during the task. By these meager twitches of the Biggboss contestants, Salman Khan got the frustration and also frustrated with the behavior of them.

Yes, you have read correct, Salman Khan is quitting and Farah Khan will be brought forward as the new host of the Bigg Boss 13. Salman Khan announced in the show too that he is disappointed with the behavior of the contestants If it comes to that he incited on them while hosting this show. The last day of [his] shoot is not fixed yet. She (Farah) is expected to [take over] in January,” sources close to the development told PTI.

“His health is fine, it’s all untrue. We have not asked him to slow down or quit the show. Of course, he works round-the-clock but that’s about it. Neither a suggestion has come from us nor his health is a factor for worry,” Salim told PTI. There was also speculation that Salman’s family is concerned about his health owing to his round-the-clock work routine and asked him to take it slow.

As we know that Salman Khan has been associated with Bigg Boss since 2011 when he has been seen as hosting of the fourth season. The Bollywood hero Salman khan propagated his magic on the audience till then he is hosting this show.