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Imlie Today’s 18th September 2023 Written Update: Pallo shows her and Agastya’s Photo

Hello, friends we are coming back with new fresh episode of Imlie. In this article, we are going to give you Imlie 18th September 2023 written update. Imlie fans are eagerly waiting for today’s fresh episode. Currently, this show is the number one TRP. Today’s topic is “Amrit’s Offer To Imlie”. The episode starts with Pallo Mami. Pallo mami shows a picture to Imlie when she is standing with Agastya. Pallo mami asks Imlie what she doing with this rich man. Imlie thinks in her mind that if she comes to know about my job then she will snatch all the money. Imlie lies to Pallo Mami and says he is a good man and his name is Agastya.


Pallo Mami delivers heavy words to Imlie and leaves the rest food for her. Pallo Mami and Babli walk away from there. Mami asks her to wash utensils after eating food. Ashu arrives and asks for food. Imlie says I eat the entire food now I’m not hungry. She serves food to Ashu and walks with him to sleep. She sings the song Zindagi Aur Kuch Bhi Nahi for Ashu. The same song is sung by Govind at the Agastya’s house. Agastya recalls his stepmother’s words after listening song. Daadi starts yelling at Govind.

Imlie Today’s 18th September 2023 Written Update

Agastya stops Daadi from yelling at Govind and brings halwa which is made by Imlie. Daadi really loves the halwa and says it is too delicious. She asks about the person who prepared the halwa. Imlie arrives at the bar and sings the song Aayiye Meherbaan. Daadi asks about Imlie continuously. Daadi starts taunting Sonali and says look at what Agastya did in just a few days which you couldn’t do in the past 2 years. Sonali asks about Amrit the housemaid replies that Amrit is going to NGO. Amrit is with a jeweler Mr Johri.

They both are in the bar where Imlie is singing the same song. The jeweler says to Amrit that there is magic in this girl’s voice. Imlie completes her song and walks away from there. Amrit stops Imlie and asks her about joining modeling. Imlie scolds Amrit and asks him to walk away. The manager says to Imlie that she needs a protective boy who always saves her. Back at Choudhry’s house, Manno rejects the boy’s profile for marriage. Daadi yells at Manno. Agastya makes fun of Manno and says still Manno young and can join the modeling agency. Daadi asks about Agastya’s marriage to him. He declines to marry.

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