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Imlie Today’s 19th September 2023 Full Episode Written Update: Daadi Gets Angry

Hello, friend we are coming back with new fresh episode of Imlie. In this article, we will give you information on Imlie’s 19th September 2023 written update. Imli’s fans are eagerly waiting for today’s fresh episode. Today’s topic is “Grandmother’s Warning to Agastya”. The episode starts with Daadi. Daadi asks about his marriage. She says to him when will you marry. Agastya declines to marry and says I don’t believe in an institution of marriage. Daadi says to him to marry life brings happiness and joy. He says which happiness and joy? He says to Daadi that I don’t have an interest in marriage life.


Daadi blames herself for Agastya’s behaviors and says this is my fault, I sent you London. Daadi starts crying and says it’s better if Will dies. Daadi says due to the poor girl I lost my elder grandson. Imlie is eagerly looking at the Super Chef competition pamphlet. She prays to Radha Rani and says my fate is linked with this super chef competition pamphlet. Ashu arrives and says to Imlie I don’t want to die soon. Imlie stops him to not saying that. She says I will appoint a doctor soon. Agastya is in shock after hearing Daadi’s words.

Imlie 19th September 2023 Full Episode Written Update

Sonali joins Daadi and Agastya’s argument and says whether Agastya gets married or not, she will not hand over this business to me. Sonali says to Daadi I’m a girl therefore you don’t want to hand over this business to me. She shows her 25 lakh profit to Daadi. Daadi says it is my need to get Agastya’s marriage soon. Pallo Mami informs Imlie about a private function and says I give your number to a reach man. Imlie refuses to sing. Imlie says I don’t want to do some other dignified job. Pallo starts yelling at Imlie.

Amrit arrives home. He tells Sonali to not fight with Agastya. Sonali says he is my stepbrother. Amrit asks Agastya to not take Sonali’s words seriously. Agastya suddenly looks at Amrit’s hand. He found a bar seal on his wrist. Agastya asks Amrit why he go there. Amrit replies we have an NGO that helps poor bar girls. Imlie receives a call and says maybe he is a businessman who wants to hear my song at his home. Agastya says, Miss Noyonika. She starts talking as Noyonika’s housemaid. Pallo Mami asks her why she rejects the offer. Imlie says he is calling me now for the bhajan. She asks about the leave to the bar’s owner.

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