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Imlie Today’s 20th September 2023 Written Update: Imlie Prepares Her Special Dishes

Hello, friends we are coming back with new fresh episode of Imlie. In this article, we will give you information on Imlie’s 20th September 2023 written update. Imlie’s fans are eagerly waiting for today’s episode. This show is ruining with the number one TRP. Today’s topic is “Imlie Learns The Reason Behind Agastya Hating Poor”. The episode starts with Imlie. Imlie arrives at Agastya’s house. He asks her why she is running. He says is your car break down. She said yes, cars pollute pollution therefore I came running. Agastya introduces Imlie as Chaudhary Sweet’s new investor. Sonali says first she let her begin her work.


Imlie starts making food. She is coughing because of her sore throat. Agastya advises her to drink ginger tea before starts work. She is confused, she never used an electric kettle for tea. Agastya asks Imlie why she is not using an electric kettle. Imlie says stove gas saves time and electricity. Investors appreciate Imlie for his intelligence. She prepares tea for herself and then makes dishes. Agastya asks about his throat. Imlie thanks Agastya for giving an idea of ginger tea. Investors taste the food and say your food reminds us of our childhood memories.

Imlie 20th September 2023 Written Update

Imlie and Agastya walk together on the street. She thinks about Ashu’s treatment. Imlie continuously thinks about Ashu’s treatment. Agastya tells her that the investors really impressed with her kind nature. He asks her about the meaning of Noyonika. Imlie says my name’s meaning is sour. Imlie says I want to ask something. The poor kids look at the bag. Imlie says this is for you kids. Agastya asks kids to wash their hands before eating. Imlie says all kids are the same. Agastya says not all but poor kids. Imlie recalls Kairi’s death. She asks him why he hates poor people too much.

Agastya tells her about his brother’s story. He says my brother has loved a poor girl. He says my family was devasted due to a poor girl. He calls Imlie’s name Noyonika three times. He says maybe this is not your name. Imlie returns to her home and starts thinking about her sister Kairi. Kairi also died due to a reach man. Agastya reads his brother’s last letter and recalls his memories. He hates poor girls because he lost his brother due to a poor girl. Agastya thinks he will take revenge on the poor girl and her family who are responsible for his brother’s death.

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