Indian Idol 13 Full Episode 11th September 2022 Written Update, Episode 2, Today’s Auditions

Sony is now bringing Indian Idol Season 13th and the first episode is released on 10th September.  People who love to watch this reality show where unique talent come and show their talent want to know what will happen in today’s episode so we have mentioned the things which will happen in today’s episodes. As there is an audition round going on and judges will choose some unique voices and many unique talents which will shock you, so we have mentioned the links to the promos so you can get a clear view of this episode. Let’s have a look in the next section.

indian idol 13

The promo of this shows says that many contestants come and one woman comes and sings a melodious song which impressed the judges Neha Kakkar herself comes to the stage and give her the ticket of clearing the audition round. Another performance was given by the contestant named Senchari Sengupta and then her vocals impressed everyone after that, she sings sing Muskan Jhooti hai and this shocked the judges and they give her a standing ovation and gives her a ticket for crossing the audition round.

Indian Idol 13 11th September 2022 Written Update

A song sung by Ritu makes emotional everyone and he made emotional vibes in the show his voice is so melodious that you will not get tired of listening to him and he also crosses this round. A new thing happened in this show as a contestant comes and he sings a song but Vishal stops him and Neha says that he has a good voice but he should clean this and come later but when he was leaving he sings some vocal and then judges again called him and ask him to sing those vocals and then judges gets impressed by him and give him the ticket.

Senjuti a contestant comes and sings Bade Naadan Ho tum which touches the heart of judges and she also gets selected for this audition round. Navdeep comes with his musical instruments and when he sings this song judges join him on the stage and sings songs. He sings like a pro and judges get confused that mostly everyone is now getting selected, to know more about this show you have to download the Sony Liv app where you can see this show and this show is also coming on Sony Channel at 8 PM.

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