SHOCKING! Kapil Sharma Agrees That He Turn an Alcoholic Post His Fight With Sunil Grover

SHOCKING! Kapil Sharma Agrees That He Turn an Alcoholic Post His Fight With Sunil Grover :- Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover‘s massive, mid-air fight shocked was a shocking phenomenon as we know. The duo Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover were coming back from Australia posts they perform there.

Since then, the duo is no longer on talking terms as well Sunil left the TV showing The Kapil Sharma Show. But now the funny man Kapil opened up about the incident and he confessed that he was so pained by the incident that he became an alcoholic too…

While talking about the incident to Hindustan Times, Kapil Sharma said, “I admit there was a problem. And I’ve paid a heavy price for it. But what was reported was grossly exaggerated and almost entirely fabricated. It was reported that I throw shoes on Sunil and also make an issue of the food. You’ve known me for some years. Do you think I am capable of such behavior?”

Kapil Sharma Agrees Alcoholic Post His Fight With Sunil Grover

He also said that somehow he lost his control on himself as he was drunk, “It (the incident) affected me deeply. I started drinking heavily. It was so unnecessary. And so painful to me. Sunil Grover, Chandan, Ali Asgar are all my friends. How could this happen?

The comedian also said that how he realized that it was a mistake not to come forward and he thinks to clarify the things. He further said, “When I am misunderstood I clam up. But now I realize it was a mistake to not put forward the truth.

The media also take my calm as my weakness and they kept writing the false and untrue story about me which is not good. As well they present me as a spoilt brat which is false totally as I’m coming from a humble background and I never shows my tantrum to anyone. These all are false story presenting by the digital media which is baseless.”