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MTV Hustle Winner Name 2019 M-Zee Bella aka Deepak Singh Grand Finale

MTV Hustle Winner Name 2019 M-Zee Bella aka Deepak Singh Grand Finale Wins Title of Rap King Tonight: Well, you all know that in the first time the MTV India comes with the biggest Rapp Battle show MTV Hustle Winner and Audiences like the show in good numbers also, there are many Youngblood Rappers who come to the show to be something in Rapp world. The Rapper Raftaar, international Rapper Raja Kumari and Nucleya judge the MTV Hustle and they teach Young Rappers the real world of Rapping. MTV Hustle is one of the most popular rap reality show nowadays since the rap culture is growing rapidly in India after Raftaar and Emiway’s diss tracks for each other. Some report says, hustle winner name leaked online, but we get the names from the right source that is MTV. Here you can get information about MTV Hustle winner name and Hustle 1st-2nd runner-up. We also revealed Hustle prize money in the end article. So from that one can totally understand why this show is now getting more popular amongst all other shows on MTV. It is just simple as if you have good fortune into anything some will play on you for their benefits so do they. On Sunday, Deepak Singh aka M Zee Bella was announced the winner of MTV Hustle. The one-of-a-kind rap reality series had Raftaar, Nucleya, and Raja Kumari as the judges. While Lucknow based M-Zee Bella took home the trophy, the other finalists included Kolkata’s Santhanam Srinivasan aka EPR, Amritsar boy RCR, Delhi-based King, and Bihari babu Shloka. MTV Hustle Contestants List

MTV Hustle Winner Name 2019

MTV Hustle is the First Rapp show of India and the show is going so good on television also, in TRP charts show is going so well. The show was selected all the contestants and starts the Rapp Battle in MTV hustle, now the show is near to Finale and there are few contestants who give terrific performances in MTV Hustle Rapp Battle. It is the TV reality show MTV Hustle, is touted and consider as India’s first rap reality TV show, which is turned to be very popular and eminent these days, and at each time, it is the TV reality show, MTV Hustle, which is considered as a rapping based show is turn to be very popular and famous these days. Here we get, who will this rap battle? Who is the winner of hustle show? MTV Hustle Winner

  • MTV Hustle Winner is M-Zee Bella aka Deepak Singh

  • MTV Hustle 1st Runner-up is KIng

  • MTV Hustle 2nd Runner-up is EPR


MTV Hustle Winner Name 2019 revealed in the video. Congratulations to the MTV Hustle Winner, 1st Runner Up, 2nd Runner Up of the show. MTV Hustle Winner Name. See the MTV Hustle Grand Finale Video performances of the Finalists Shloka, EPR, M Zee Bella, RCR and King.

Hustle Finalist Contestants Name

MTV Hustle Winner Name 2019 revealed. See who is the Winner of MTV Hustle reality show on MTV India. Also, MTV Hustle 1st Runner Up2nd Runner Up names revealed. See who lifted a Shining Hustler Trophy and what prizes they gets as Winner and Runners Up. TOP 5 Finalists Shloka, EPR, M Zee Bella, RCR and King competed in a grand finale episode and now its time to reveal the Winner of MTV Hustle. It is the TV reality rapping based show MTV Hustle is also seen and go through a memorable journey and voyage for the fans and the audiences, and it is the TV reality show MTV Hustle is turn to be just as thrilling as it can be, at the same time nail-biting too and the TV reality show MTV Hustle is now ready for its grand finale round and we get our Hustle winner. Get the names of hustle finalist top 5 here, below of the on is the MTV Hustle Winner Name:

These are the Finalists TOP 5 Contestants of MTV Hustle who set to Win the Winner Trophy of India’s First Hustle Winner 2019 in MTV Hustle Season 1 Grand Finale Episode.

Santhanam Srinivasan Iyer – EPR-

Santhanam Srinivasan Iyer who is also known as E.P.R (emcee/ poet/rapper), Santhanam Srinivasan Iyer is the front-man / emcee of the bands Underground Authority, Spliff and Fosapoy. He’s one of the first emcees/rappers from Kolkata to make a mark. He is noted for his stage presence and passionate delivery of vocals. He’s also the lyricist of the above-mentioned brands and is a follower of Anarchist Communism, which can be seen in his works.

Arpan Kumar – King Rocco-

He started as a Songwriter when He was in 8th grade. He used to sing in a quire standing in front. Music for him is like a Mother and he always needs that as a newborn child. When he was a kid, He used to listen to all the famous international singers and used to sing their songs apart of knowing the meaning and didn’t even know the English basic alphabets neither know how to speak!
When He was in school, he used to sit quite and listing to all the songs of Yo! Yo! Honey Singh, Raftaar and all the various rappers all over the world.

Deepak Singh M-Zee-Bella-

You must know that he is a very interesting rapper. You all should know that his official Facebook Page is “Deepak Singh” (AKA) M-Zee Bella. Bella and he is a Hip-Hop And Commercial Artist And Official Artist Of “DA DESI TOLI MUSIC”.

Rahul Karn – Shloka-

Rahul Karn is a talented rap and hip hop singer from Bihar. He is very popular with his stage name ‘Shloka’. In 2019, He became the part of rap-singing reality show ‘MTV Hustle’.

Rohit Kumar – RCR-

Rohit Kumar Chaudhary, also known as RCR, was born in Amritsar. He belongs to a middle-class Hindu family. His father’s name is Kamaljeet Singh and his mother’s name is Rani. His father is a mechanic and mother works sewing.

Hustle Grand Finale Episode Live Updates

It is expected that on the grand finale episode of the TV reality show MTV Hustle we can see the Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh, who is being famous and known for his Hindi current and the new movie Gully Boy, in this movie he also essayed the role of a rapper, so it is most perfect and appropriate to see the Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh at the grand finale episode of the TV reality MTV Hustle which is based on the rapping anyway. In the auditions, the rappers were judged which were based on the writing, rapping flow and overall performance, act, and presentation, which is perfect and an ideal also. It is the winner of the TV reality show MTV Hustle will get a massive amount of cash which is consider as the price money. It is the winner will also get the very prestigious and coveted Trophy of the first-ever season of the TV reality show MTV Hustle. Soon we revealed the Hustle Winner Name.

Who will win MTV Hustle?

The name of the winner of the MTV Hustle 2019 will be available on the page after Grand Finale. The grand finale of the show will take place very soon. So more details related to the winner runner up of the show will be available on the page after the official confirmation. It is at the TV reality show MTV Hustle, it is being showcased and display that from the online registrations 40 auditioned were chosen for studio auditions, out of which only 15 rappers managed to reach to the Top 15.

  • Agrita Dhawan (Agsy)
  • Akshay Kumar (Zack)
  • Arpan Kumar (King Rocco)
  • Deepak Singh (M-Zee-Bella)
  • Gaurav Mankoti (Void)
  • Hemant Dhyani (MC Heam)
  • Himanshu Joshi (Himan)
  • Lakshya Bhardwaj (Firaag)
  • Rahul Karn (Shloka)
  • Riya Panchal (Raeza)
  • Rohit Kumar (RCR)
  • Sagar Shetty (Shetty Saa)
  • Santhanam Srinivasan Iyer (EPR)
  • Nikita R Sharma (Star Nick)
  • Neeru Pal (NeeRu Pal)

Hustle Prize Money

MTV Hustle is one of the popular television reality show on an Indian television network. The TV show has provided a huge platform for all talented rappers across India. It is been judged by popular rapper Raftaar, Nucleya, and Rajakumari. MTV Hustle Winner Name and Prize Money will be updated shortly. The Biggest Rapp show of India MTV Hustle premiered on 10th August 2019 and now there are many contestants who impressed judges in Good numbers. The show is Near to Finale and you will watch the Grand Finale of MTV Hustle very soon but now the show is not Declared MTV Hustle winner and runner up but we will update you soon. 50 lakhs is the prize money for the hustle winner.

MTV Hustle Winner & 1st, 2nd Runner-Up

It is the rapper and the participant Santhanam Srinivasan Iyer is expected to do something great and amazing in the TV reality rapping based show MTV Hustle, which is a very popular TV show. It is the contestant Santhanam Srinivasan Iyer is one of the most popular contestants of the TV reality show MTV Hustle and it is positive to see that he can win the show, as he is also having such a decent fan base and repeatedly he is also get praised and appreciation from the fans and the panel judge team at the TV reality show MTV Hustle.

Alongside, it is also being predicted that the winners of the TV reality show MTV Hustle will also get the opportunity to work in the Bollywood also.

When the makers declared the Date of MTV hustle Grand Finale we will update you. The MTV hustle winner gets a Trophy of MTV Hustle season one and get cash prize also, he gets a chance to work with famous Rappers for one year. So, very soon we will see that who will become MTV Hustle season one winner and starts a new world of Rapping.

MTV Hustle reality show already got its Finalists Contestants of the Show and Now, Its Time to reveal the MTV Hustle Winner Name 2019 in a Grand Finale Episode. See Who lifted a Winning Trophy and who are the 1st, 2nd Runner Up Hip Hop Rapper Artists of the show. MTV Hustle Winner Name results revealed in a Grand Finale. MTV Hustle TOP 5 Finalists Contestants Competed in a Grand Finale of MTV Hustle Season 1.